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Interactive Invoice Review-Admin Guide

Users in TeamConnect Enterprise 5.0+ has the ability to turn on the new Interactive Invoice Review feature. This is done in the Setup tool - continue reading for step-by-step instructions on how to turn on this configuration or reach out to Services.

Introducing Interactive Invoice Review 

TeamConnect 6.3 onwards, a streamlined way to review and manage line items within invoices has been introduced. Users have the ability to turn this feature ON.

Learn more about managing invoices on this page.

Clients can adopt this new feature at their convenience or continue using the existing line item review functionality. The new interactive line items can be “turned on” by the security group using the Setup tool in TeamConnect.

Important Note: The following features can be found in the existing line item review and have been built into the new interactive line items.

  1. Inline Adjustment History - the clickable norgi arrow that displays a synopsis of all adjustments on the line item made thus far
  • Workaround: Adjustment history is visible inside the adjustment modal on each line item.
  1. Revert Adjustments inside the Inline Adjustment History - the ability to select a checkbox next to each adjustment history item in order to revert it by the action of the Revert button
  • Workaround: Manually revert past adjustments by negating their value.
  1. Reject line items - the ability to select 1 or more line items and reject them by action of the Reject button outside the grid
  • Workaround: Adjust each line item to zero by changing the rate or quantity to zero.
  1. Appealed invoice line item tag - line items appealed by firm billing analysts reappears in the grid with an Appealed tag.
  2. Bulk / Inline adjustment of line items - when enabled, the ability to view the grid of line items in a separate screen where one or more items can be selected in bulk for uniform adjustment; or the ability to tab through quantity, rate and total values to insert new numbers quickly.
  3. Printable view - the ability to render the grid of line items in a separate view which is specially formatted for printing to paper.

Turning on Interactive Invoice Review 

Users in TeamConnect Enterprise 5.0+ has the ability to turn on the new Interactive Invoice Review feature. This is done in the Setup tool - continue reading for step-by-step instructions on how to turn on this configuration or reach out to Services. 

In TeamConnect Essentials:

If using Essentials, you must install the version of TEss that has this feature (Essentials 6.2.4+). No other configuration is needed after a successful installation.  

In TeamConnect Enterprise:

The instructions below are for users who are upgrading to a newer version of TeamConnect.

NOTE: Installing the TeamConnect for the first-time, contact Services team to enable this feature. 

If you are upgrading from TCE 5.0+, follow these steps:

  1. Log into TeamConnect as a system administrator and click the Setup button in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click the Go To... drop-down menu and select Object Definitions.
  3. Click on the Invoice object. 


  1. Navigate to the Object Views tab.
  2. Select Interactive Line Items from the drop-down list and click add.


  1. Save and Close the setup tool.
  2. Restart the TeamConnect instance.

Note for the Services:

If adding the new block for a new client, a New Tab Configuration will need to be created for the New Invoice block.


To create an Invoice, click here.

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