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TeamConnect Essentials Release Notes 6.0+

TeamConnect Essentials

Releases Release Date Major Changes Product Compatibility
Essentials 6.3.1 Release Notes 06/22/21 Enhancements/Improvements for Matter Budget insights  TCE 6.3.1
Essentials 6.3 Release Notes 2/16/21 - New Invoice Review
- Matter Budget Insight
TCE 6.3
Essentials 6.2.4 Release Notes 8/28/20 New interactive invoice review for high complexity invoices TCE 6.2.4
Essentials 6.2 Release Notes 9/12/19 Invoice routing improvements; UI improvements; Attorneys and Paralegals can associate corporate projects and products to a matter; Search views improvements; Cost Center improvements; Bug fixes TCE 6.2+
Essentials 6.1 SP2 Release Notes 5/30/19 Budgets enhancements; Accounts Payable enhancements; Invoices and Audit Rules enhancements; New helpful pop-ups; Matters enhancements; Users and contact cards enhancements; Bug fixes TCE 6.1 SP2
Essentials 6.1 SP1 Release Notes 4/9/19 New "Limited Access Finance User" role was added; New PO Number functionality and Accounts Payable fields on Invoices; Bug fixes TCE 6.1+
Essentials 6.1 Release Notes 2/1/19 Admins can add new users; CSM and AFA volume discounts; Budget template enhancements; invoice workflow improvements  TCE 6.1+
Essentials 6.0 SP3 Release Notes 1/7/19 Convert to Litigation button moved; Budget wizard extended to handle tax functions; Bug fixes TCE 6.0+
Essentials 6.0 SP2 Release Notes 11/26/18 Matter sub-types relocated in matter wizard; New matter sub-types 401k and General added to matter wizard; Bug fixes TCE 6.0+
Essentials 6.0 SP1 Release Notes 11/8/18 Release to line up Essentials versions with TeamConnect versions TCE 6.0+
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