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Creating and Configuring Your Domain (WebLogic only)

This section describes how to set up your WebLogic domain to deploy TeamConnect.

Important: If you are not deploying TeamConnect on WebLogic, skip this section and go to Preparing for Deployment.

The WebLogic server configuration consists of domains, each having one administrative server running the administrative console, dynamically distributing TeamConnect application information to multiple managed servers. All application management occurs on the administrative server. To install TeamConnect, you must create the domain, configure the administrative server, and deploy TeamConnect to the managed servers.

All WebLogic server activities take place within a domain, for example, the Mitratech domain. You may deploy TeamConnect on a single managed server or on a cluster of managed servers. You can deploy TeamConnect to the administrative server, but it is not recommended, except as a testing environment where application performance is not a factor. This document assumes that you are not deploying TeamConnect to an administrative server.

WebLogic comes integrated with its own web server, which is suitable for serving TeamConnect pages or load balancing a cluster. However, if you wish to access TeamConnect through your company's primary web server, you must configure a plug-in for that web server. For details, see Web Proxy Settings.

Pre-installation Requirements

Aside from the general system requirements listed in Installation Requirements, you should ensure that:

  • All of the machines on which you run WebLogic servers (administrative or managed) are using a version of WebLogic that is specified in Application and Web Servers.
  • You should use the Sun JVM for the Production Mode.
  • Your PATH environment variable should be set up properly on each of your servers.
  • Licensing must be correctly configured on your WebLogic installation.
  • Modify the instructions in this document to replace the WL_HOME variable with the appropriate directory.
  • If you have an Oracle database, modify the instructions in this document to replace the

ORACLE_HOME variable with the appropriate directory.

  • To avoid problems displaying special characters such as the Euro currency symbol and British pound currency symbol, be sure that this environment variable is set prior to the command line that starts the WebLogic application server, or add this option to the server start arguments in Managed Server:
    set JAVA_OPTIONS=-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8
  • Be sure to modify the instructions according to your operating system where necessary.

Recommended Values for Domain Configuration

You can create domains using the Domain Configuration Wizard that walks you through the steps and provides the necessary instructions. In this documentation, we only provide the recommended values that you may use when creating a Mitratech domain (you may use another name for your domain, if you wish):

Recommended Values for Admin Server Configuration



Server Name


Server Listen Address

Leave this field blank.

Server Listen Port


Server SSL Listen Port


Recommended Values for Managed Server Configuration



Server Name


Listen Address

Enter the hostname or IP address of the machine on which you run this server.

Listen Port


SSL Listen Port


After you finish creating and configuring a domain for use with TeamConnect, you must install the TeamConnect .ear file. See Preparing for Deployment.

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