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TeamConnect Business Intelligence (TCBI) Release Notes 6.0+

TeamConnect Business Intelligence (TCBI)

Releases Release Date Major Changes Product Compatibility
TCBI 7.0 Release Notes Feb 2024
  • Enhanced Report Manager Add-on to share scheduled reports with users without TeamConnect or TCBI accounts.
  • Dashboards Usage Analytics reports upon requests to Sisense Admins
  • Users now have the ability to create Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) via a third party website using the ERD generation script
  • Updated the TCBI installer to include the new Sisense plugins and Customizations.
  • Upgrading Sisense to the latest version (Sisense v2023.3) through installation. refer to link
  • Update SISENSE_HOME in file to uninstall plugins successfully

TCE 6.3.5

Sisense v2023.3

TCBI 6.3.7 Release Notes
TCBI 6.3.7 Patch 1 Release Notes

Nov 2022
May 2023
  • Improved customer experience by fixing existing bugs.
  • Introduced New features 
    • New fields named ‘Workflow Request Date' and ‘Number of Days Pending' are added to Account, Contact, Project, Involved, Appointment, Invoice and Task System objects.
    • New table view named ‘CSM Firm Timekeeper’ is added.
    • Set default values for ‘Diverse Timekeeper' field.
    • Add Timekeeper fields joined to contact records in ecube.
    • Manage Color plugin to support color customization for dashboards.

TCE 6.3.3

Sisense v8.2.1

TCBI 6.3.6 Release Notes
TCBI 6.3.6 Patch 1 Release Notes
May 2022
May 2023
  • Maintenance 
  • Update SISENSE_HOME in file to uninstall plugins successfully. For more information refer to link
  • Manage Color plugin to support color customization for dashboards.
TCE 6.3.3

Sisense v8.2.1

TCBI 6.3 Release Notes
TCBI 6.3 Patch 1 Release Notes

  • Embed the dashboard/widgets at record level enables better/faster decision making by providing right data / right people / right time
  • Embed dashboards on portal pane
  • Tasks and Appointments objects are now reportable in the eCube. Based on START_ON, DUE_ON, COMPLETED_ON columns, the data for these objects is limited to include next 90 days of appts/tasks (regardless of status), include past 90 days of appts/tasks (regardless of status) and include all overdue tasks (not marked complete)
  • New fields are added to eCube to enhance the reporting capability. For more details, refer to the release notes and the below pages:

eCube Data Dictionary for TeamConnect Enterprise

eCube Data Dictionary for TeamConnect Essentials

  • Vendor Relationship Dashboard reduces implementation costs and provides an overview of a vendor’s performance and relationship with the client across matters they have been assigned. 
    For more details about other starter dashboards, refer to Dashboards and Widgets.
  • Manage Color plugin to support color customization for dashboards.

TCE 6.3.X

 Sisense v8.2

TCBI 6.2.4 Release Notes
TCBI 6.2.4 Patch 1
TCBI 6.2.4 Patch 2
TCBI 6.2.4 Patch 3

  • Ability to Turn ON/OFF system fields
  • Dynamic Buckets plugin - ability to group data on a calculated (aggregate) value
  • Report Manager add-on for report scheduling
  • Clients can now see whether TCBI Security is ON/OFF through TeamConnect
  • Better handling of cartesian products 
  • Primary Key is no longer needs to be displayed on tables in order to enable hyperlinks
  • By default, Drill to Anywhere is disabled for report viewers
  • Litigation Starter Dashboard provides an overview of open litigation work by various criteria and supports decisions based on matter workload for the litigation attorneys and litigation practice lead.

TCE 6.2.4

TCE 6.2.5

TCE 6.2.6

TCE 6.2.7

TCE 6.2.8

Sisense v8.2

TCBI 6.2.2 Release Notes

  • Matter level security can now be turned OFF to improve performance; Drill to Anywhere can be enabled or disabled; Admins can control what fields are selected to sync to the eCube and made reportable through TCBI

TCE 6.2.2

Sisense v7.1

TCBI 6.2.1 Release Notes
TCBI 6.2.1 Patch 1 Release Notes
TCBI 6.2.1 Patch 2 Release Notes



TCBI now works with SQL Server 2016 SP1 and 2017; Report Designers can build a widget that displays when the last data sync happened; Made more Assignee types reportable; Installer can now upgrade or repair an existing installation; Enhancements to Invoice reporting; the TCBI_Uninstall file was split into two files

TCE 6.2.1

Sisense v7.1

TCBI 6.2.0 Release Notes


Dashboard templates; better handling of schemaSync fails; file include TCBI version number; Logs now include version number; Users can now build reports of internal staff; Security table simplified

TCE 6.2

Sisense v7.1

TCBI 6.1.3 Release Notes
TCBI 6.1.3 Patch 1 Release Notes
Bug fix

TCE 6.1+

Sisense v7.1

TCBI 6.1.2 Release Notes
Optimized query for Account Spend; New calculated field for Account Total Calculated Accrual to track reversals; Bug fixes

TCE 6.1+

Sisense v7.1

TCBI 6.1.1 Release Notes

Notifications for eCube status; a new script to produce a data dictionary; Added these fields to all objects: Workflow Current Action, Workflow Current Approver, Workflow Current Status, Workflow Last Performer, Workflow Multiple Approvers; Corporate Project and Product/Area are now reportable in relation to Matters

TCE 6.1+

Sisense v7.1

TCBI 6.1.0 Release Notes
Administrators can now use Setup tool to include or remove objects from TCBI reporting, Bug fixes

TCE 6.1

Sisense v7.1

TCBI 6.0.2 Release Notes
TCBI 6.0.2 Patch 1 Release Notes

Uninstall batch file, Renaming data sync command so it is different than Reload, Moving default value to Main Table, new Friendly Name strategy, define and document upgrade process, Incremental builds, Removing List value, Truncate CLOB fields, Update and stabilize initial eCube build process, Bug fixes TCE 6.0.2
TCBI 6.0 Release Notes 8/7/18 First release of business intelligence reporting offering using Sisense TCE 6.0


For more information related to TCBI, refer to TeamConnect Business Intelligence home page.

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