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TeamConnect Business Intelligence 6.3 Release Notes

This guide offers links to installation instructions, articles about the new features in TeamConnect Business Intelligence 6.3.

Upgrade Instructions

For more information on upgrade instructions, refer to Upgrading to TeamConnect Business Intelligence 6.3.

Release Notes

Enhancement and Improvements

Enhancement: [TCBI eCube updates] Add invoice line item adjustment calculated total
Impact: LNI$_ADJ$_CALC_TOTAL column is added to the SI$_LNI$_ADJUSTMENTS table that stores the data of the difference between the total before the adjustment and the total after the adjustment. 
Tracking Code: TC-35454

Enhancement: [TCBI ecube updates] Add in timekeeper PRIMARY KEY field
Impact: LNI$_TMK$_HOME_OFFICE_PROFILE column is added to the SI$_LNI$_TMK$_CONTACT table that stores the information about the Invoice Line Item Timekeeper Home Office Profile. The value will be stored in the format: full_name (company_name)
Tracking Code: TC-33840, TC-36528

Enhancement: [TCBI] Include isLeaf field for end level categories in the eCube
Impact: New field is added to the following object category tables and this new field (XXXX_CATEGORY_IS_LEAF) would help to identify whether the category is the lowest level category and there is no other sub category under which it is selected(or checked).
New field added for the following objects: 

  • Contact
  • Project (All custom objects will have this new field)
  • Involved
  • Invoice

Tracking Code: TC-33912

Enhancement: [TCBI eCube updates] Add Currency and Converted Rate fields for Contacts Rate tables
Impact: New columns CONT_CURRENCY_CODE and CONT_CONVERTED_RATE are added to SI$_CONTACT_RATE_HISTORY table to store the data of currency code and current converted rate for the contact.
Tracking Code: TC-35147

Enhancement:[TCBI eCube updates] Add recent progress note information to the eCube
Impact: New columns are added to the objects to store the data of recent progress information in eCube.


Tracking Code: TC-34400

Enhancement: [TCBI ecube updates] Ability to translate CHECKED/UNCHECKED values into "yes/no" or "true/false" for report displays
Impact: By default, the data value stored for Checkbox fields in eCube is either CHECKED or UNCHECKED. Now, users (Admin) have the ability to customize the data value stored for Checkbox fields in eCube to Yes/No or True/False by editing the script and run the schemasync.
Script location: User can find the script file named "505_CheckBoxDisplay.sql" in the below folder path:
TeamConnect_BI directory > scripts > mssql > install > Customization (or)
TeamConnect_BI directory > scripts > oracle > install > Customization

Tracking Code: TC-35156

Enhancement: [TCBI eCube updates] Add supervisor information to the eCube
Impact: New column CONT_SUPERVISOR is added to the SI$_CONTACT table in the database to fetch the workload data of direct reportees to the manager.
Tracking Code: TC-34381

Enhancement: [TCBI ecube updates] Add Invoice Vendor Currency
Impact: INVC_VEN$_CURRENCY_CODE, INVC_VEN$_CURRENCY_NAME and INVC_VEN$_CURRENCY_SYMBOL are the new columns added to the SI$_INVC_VEN$_CONTACT table in database to help the report designer in building the spend report from the invoice table.
Tracking Code: TC-35456

Enhancement: [TCBI] Add Contact ID for Main Assignee to the default eCube
Impact: Column ContactID is added on the following tables:

For Enterprise:

For Essentials:
XXXX_MAIN_ASSIGNEE_USER_ID$$ and XXXX_MAIN_ASSIGNEE_CONT_ID$$ are the new columns added to SI$_PROJECT_XXXX table.

Tracking Code: TC-34218

Enhancement: [TCBI eCube updates] Add Task and Appointment objects to the eCube

  • Tasks and Appointments objects are now reportable in the eCube. Based on START_ON, DUE_ON, COMPLETED_ON columns, the data for these objects is limited to:

    • Include next 90 days of appts/tasks (regardless of status)
    • Include past 90 days of appts/tasks (regardless of status)
    • Include all overdue tasks (not marked complete)
  • To make these system objects (Appointment and Task) available for reporting.
    Navigate to Setup Menu > Object definition > General to check/uncheck the Remove from Reporting checkbox for the Appointment and Task system objects.

Tracking Code: TC-34924, TC-35148, TC-35149

Enhancement: [TCBI eCube updates] Add a calculated Task "Timeliness" field to the eCube
Impact: New column TASK_TIMELINESS is added to the SI$_TASK table to provide the Task Timeliness Status:Pending,on time,early,late,overdue in report.
Tracking Code: TC-35154

Enhancement: [TCBI ecube updates] Update the table name to be dynamic based on TeamConnect object name
Impact: From CSM 6.2.4, Vendor is now called Office. The table names in the eCube should be dynamic based on TC object name (For example, it could be either Invoice Office Contact or Invoice Vendor Contact)
Tracking Code: TC-35499

Enhancement: [TCBI] Expand home page portal pane capability to include dashboards
Impact: To enhance the portal pane capability to embed the TCBI dashboards and the ability to customize the portal pane dimensions and also choose the shared dashboard to embed on the home page. For more information, refer to Embed dashboard on portal pane.

Tracking Code: TC-34370

Enhancement: [TCBI] Display the selected dashboard or widget in the specified record

  • To embed the TCBI dashboards with the last refresh date displayed in the existing tab or new tab within the record.
  • Embedded dashboard or widget should automatically apply a filter for that record primary key. 
  • Applying multiple primary key filters when embedding a dashboard

For more information, refer to Embed the dashboard/widgets at record level.

Tracking Code: TC-34372, TC-36522

Fixed Bugs

Issue: Scheduled report ignores the time zone setup, and sends based on server time zone. 
Impact: User has the ability to configure the scheduler by defining the specific time zones to share the reports. Scheduler ignores the time zone defined and sends the report based on the server time zone.
Tracking Code: TC-33847

Known Issues

The following issue exists in TeamConnect Business Intelligence 6.3

Issue: Editing the embedded dashboard inside a record displays error message
Description: Do not include any editable fields in the block along with the embedded report as it throws an error message when we try to save the page after modifying the values.
Tracking Code: TC-36578

Issue: Data Security table is not synchronizing
Description:When you modify the TCBI Security value in TeamConnect. After running the schemasync and syncUsersAndGroups, If a user having report rights is unable to create/edit the dashboard then check the data security table in the sisense standalone for the eCube. 
If the user details with reporting rights in teamconnect are not reflected in the data security table then refer to the below workaround for solution.
Workaround: Delete the entire Data Security table in sisense standalone for the eCube and then do the syncUsersAndGroups.
Tracking Code: TC-36585

Issue:TeamConnect Business Intelligence session may time out when working in the Reports tab.
Tracking Code: TC-36663

Issue: Changing the Contact Name is not reflecting in sisense automatically
Description: All other details like User name, Email etc are updating to sisense standalone server Automatically except Contact Name. 
Workaround: User has to perform a syncUsersAndGroups to get it updated in sisense standalone.
Tracking Code: TC-36575

Issue:  When multiple pivot tables are added to single dashboard and pivot tables consist of 5 or more columns, the resizing of the columns may not persist on the screen or when a scheduled report is sent by email.
Additional Information: If this issue is identified, a patch is available to fix it. For more assistance, please get in touch with customer support.
Tracking Code: TC-45624

Known Issues from Previous Versions

The following known issues existed in TeamConnect Business Intelligence 6.2.4 and 6.2.2:

Issue: Legal - Uncheck Remove from reporting for Involved party object
Impact: Remove from Reporting (Business Intelligence) option must be unchecked for Involved party object and this object should be included in eCube by default for Legal.
Tracking code: TC-33780

Issue: Inconsistent behavior in click-thru on Chrome and Firefox
Impact:  There are two issues:
1. The click-thru link in a report will take you to the object - a matter, invoice, contact, etc - but when you click the back button, it will not take you back to the report. In Chrome, you must click the back button twice before it takes you back to the report. In Firefox, it never goes back to the report. You have to go to the Reports tab to get back to your report.
2. If a widget is set up with a click-thru link(s) and you edit one of those scripts, it is not getting saved on Firefox and Chrome. The workaround is to edit the script and refresh the browser without clicking the Apply button.
Tracking code: TC-32573

Issue: TCBI plugins installer fails to complete when the Sisense administrative password contains ‘+’ and ‘&’ characters
Impact: A Sisense administrative password cannot contain either a ‘+’ or ‘&’ included or the installer will fail. In this scenario, the administrative password needs to be changed with those characters removed and the installer run again.
Tracking code: TC-32663

Issue: Due to caching, the "You might be interested in" fields may show older information from the ElasticCube although the actual object has been renamed. removed, or translated from the ElasticCube .
Tracking code: TC-28568

Issue: TeamConnect Business Intelligence does not support table names exceeding 149 characters, with non-alphanumeric characters are considered 4 characters. Table names are concatenated when they are multi-level so the table name may be smaller than 149, but the concatenation will drive it to a larger size.
Tracking code: TC-27773

Issue: TeamConnect incorrectly times out when a report designer is working on widgets and reports.
Tracking code: TC-23291

Issue: If a user restores a dashboard that has not been shared and then creates a new widget under the dashboard, the reporting structure does not display correctly.
Tracking code: TC-27113

Issue: The values for Ratio Function and Total Average for matters is not correct due to a limitation in Sisense.  The ratio is calculated by counting the number of closed matters divided by the number of opened. Sisense counts the number of opened and closed separately but it won't use the result of that calculation for another calculation. Thus, ratio is not doable using the standard, out of-the-box function. The average function behaves inconsistently, in most cases; it includes non-0 values but in certain cases, it excludes non-0 values. For example, if the input are "0,0,2,4,0,0", in most cases the average is (2+4)/6 = 1; however, sometimes the average is (2+4)/2 = 3
Workaround: The formula for calculating averages of all matters that includes null values is AVG([ID],if(isnull([Total Cost]),0,[Total Cost]))
Tracking code: TC-30376, Sisense 111406, TC-31925

Issue: Project relation is not reportable at this time. If enabled, the related objects will not have security applied, and it will not join to the actual object in the eCube. TeamConnect Business Intelligence can only display the related project number, project name and relation type regardless of the user's security.
Tracking code: TC-29792

Issue: Dynamically changing a report title with the results of a filter is not possible. For example, if you want the title of a report to dynamically insert an "As of" date, this title change is not possible.
Tracking code: TC-28829

The following known issues existed in TeamConnect 6.1.0:

Issue: An Elasticube schema sync fails if a Custom object is created in TeamConnect with Unique Code starting with numeric value.
Tracking code: TC-24611

Issue: When a user changes the ElastiCube in the Report Integration tool and clicks Update Report Integration, the system returns an error stating that one or more fields were left blank. If this happens, verify that the integration is shared with the same Sisense administrator you have listed in the file (part of the Reporting Tool).
Tracking code: TC-18188, TC-18576

Issue: Upon initial setup of the report integration, a client ID and environment is entered. TeamConnect uses this information to create a unique identifier for users on the report server and the information must not be changed after it is saved in the Report Integration Tool.
In the Report Integration tool, you must re-type any secured fields such as Password or SharedSecret when you are updating an integration.
Each TeamConnect user with an automatically created Sisense account must have a unique email address per Sisense server. This means that an on-premise client with a single Sisense server cannot have a TEST ElastiCube  and a PROD ElastiCube with users with the same email. The second time an email account is used, the user will not be created automatically on the Sisense server.
Tracking code: TC-16847

Issue: Renaming a group with the special characters '#' and '& and then renaming it back to the original name does not delete the group in Sisense with the special characters.
Workaround: Sisense admin can remove the additional group.
Tracking code: TC-19343

Issue: When editing a script for a widget, clicking the Apply button on the Edit Script window does not save the changes made to script. Workaround: After saving the script on the Edit Script window, refresh the page. 
Tracking code: TC-15263, Sisense Issue #55178

Issue: If a user is logged into Sisense as an admin, the user must log out or TeamConnect uses that session. The user would receive a "service not found" error or the dashboard shell appears but the data does not load. 
Tracking code: TC-21628

Issue: Users who have been granted the right to Perform other Actions in System Rights are granted Designer reporting rights.
Tracking code: TC-21483, TC-21483

Issue: After the cube name or cube set name has been changed, existing users data security is not applied to the new cube or cube set.
Workaround: Add the users to the data security for the cube manually.
Tracking code: TC-26500


Issue: Only a field that has unique values can be used to identify the proper record on a click through link.
Workaround: When creating a click-through link via scripting on a report, do not have the link appear on values that are non-unique.
Tracking code: TC-25545

Issue: Incorrect links are created on pivot reports because Primary key is added as Value rather than Row during report creation. Because Primary key is a numeric, it is totaled in the report instead of having a separate row.
Workaround: Manually move the Total Contact Primary Key to the "Rows" section to display the column as Contact Primary Key.
Tracking code: TC-25546

Issue: Clicking Edit Script after navigating to Advanced Configuration makes the reporting page freeze.
Workaround: Instead of Advanced Configuration, click the Edit Widget icon and then click Edit Script.
Tracking Code: TC-25544

Issue: The Reports tab landing page does not display when using Microsoft Windows 7 with Internet Explorer Version 11.0.9600.
Workaround: Open Microsoft Windows Settings >  Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced  and select Check Override automatic cookie handling and Check Always allow session cookies.
Tracking code: TC-15105

Issue: If a user opens the Reports tab in TeamConnect in a Google Chrome browser and then opens the Reports tab a new session on the same instance in Microsoft Internet Explorer, if the user tries to access the Reports tab again in Chrome, the login screen appears but returns an Error 404.
Tracking code: TC-14337

Issue: While attempting to open the Reporting tab, certain browser security extensions may cause TeamConnect Business Intelligence to loop, preventing it from loading properly.
Workaround: Disable the extension.
Tracking code: TC-17855

Issue: When a user clicks the Reports tab after viewing a report from the Report List, TeamConnect will display the legacy reports tab with a list of TeamConnect Business Intelligence reports.
Workaround: Click Reports tab again to open the TeamConnect Business Intelligence reporting interface.
Tracking code: TC-19403

Issue: Legacy button disappears from landing page when a dashboard is deleted.
Workaround: Refresh the page or click the Reports tab again.
Tracking code: TC-18802

Issue: When a user tries to share a dashboard with the admin and enters the admin's email into the text box, no option of invitation or auto-suggested list to include the admin appears. 
Workaround: After typing the admin's email address, press <Enter> and the dashboard will be shared with the admin.
Tracking code: TC-17894

Issue: The report name does not display on a report embedded in a portal pane. 
Workaround: Name the portal pane with the name of the report that you want to display in the portal pane.
Tracking code: TC-18482

Issue: The Reports tab does not work with Safari.
Workaround: Use another browser.
Tracking code: TC-21743

Issue: When a widget's type is changed from pivot to table, multiple duplicate entries are displayed in table.
Tips: To resolve duplicate entries, any contact related reports need to be created as pivot tables. In general, try not to create a report with aggregation for pivot type reports; these reports will sum your Identifiers.
Tracking code: TC-25543