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TCBI - Dynamic Buckets

Dynamic Buckets - Group data on aggregate values

The Dynamic Buckets add-on supports aggregating a column, bar, and line chart’s results into buckets. This enables you to dynamically or manually segment the result population into groups while still retaining the filtering functionality.



Steps to group data:

  1. Create a column chart widget by choosing only one category.

  2. In the first value define the measure by which the bucket will be calculated, for example sum(revenue). This value is not reflected in the widget.

  3. In the second measure define the aggregation per bucket, for example count(client) / sum(revenue) / avg(revenue). You can define additional measures.

  1. Click Apply to save the widget.

  2. In the Widget Editor, enter the script that defines your bucket ranges. There are 2 type of bucket ranges you can define:

 Manual Ranges: Allows you to manually define the buckets ranges and here is the example:

Manual Configuration Script

var options = {
type: "manual", // (required) Can be 'auto' or 'manual'
separator: " - ", // (optional)
clickBucketOption: 1, // (optional) Can be 1 (default) or 2. 1- sets column categories as filters,
// 2- exports column categories to CSV file.
ranges: [ // Manually define the buckets you want to use
// This will group if values between 0 & 1

{ name: "0-1", // Label for the bucket color: "#3471AD", // Color can be text or a hex code min: 0, // The lower limit for the bucket, put null for no lower limit max: 1 // The upper limit for the bucket, put null for no upper limit }

// This will group any values between 1 & 30

{ name: "1 - 30", color: "#F66500", min: 1, max: 30 }

// This will group any values between 30 & 60

{ name: "30 - 60", color: "#F6FF00", min: 30, max: 60 }

// This will group any values greater than 60

{ name: "> 60", color: "#42BC39", min: 60, max: null }


prism.dynamicBuckets(widget, options);

Dynamic Ranges: Allows you to define the number of buckets. Ranges will be calculated automatically by the Min and Max of the widget values. Here is the example:

Auto Configuration Script

var options =

{ type: "auto", separator: " - ", clickBucketOption: 1, numberOfBuckets: 5 }

prism.dynamicBuckets(widget, options);

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