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TeamConnect provides a native analytical reporting service that is used to design, save, and execute graphical reports.

Starting in TeamConnect 6.0, TeamConnect offers two reporting mechanisms:

  • Legacy Reports allows you to view reports in a tabular format similar to a spreadsheet or in graphical representation formats, such as a pie chart, bar chart, or line chart. Since these are dynamic reports and are under the control of the TeamConnect rights managements services, report administrators who have the necessary rights are able to modify the properties and appearance of these reports at any time to improve their usability.
  • TeamConnect Business Intelligence provides colorful visual reports embedded within TeamConnect. Interactive dashboards provide multiple visualizations of similar data in one screen for easy user consumption and analysis, and users can drill directly into dashboards to report on specific data. Designers can build ad-hoc reports and dashboards that can include cross-object data and reportable custom fields and objects in the TeamConnect system.