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Legacy Reports

Legacy Reports allows you to view reports in a tabular format similar to a spreadsheet or in graphical representation formats, such as a pie chart, bar chart, or line chart. Since these are dynamic reports and are under the control of the TeamConnect rights managements services, report administrators who have the necessary rights are able to modify the properties and appearance of these reports at any time to improve their usability.

TeamConnect 5.2 and previous versions one have access to the native/legacy reporting capabilities built into the application. More information on this functionality can be found in the table below.






Report-specific Pages  

Each report has the following pages on which you can view and edit information:

  • General—Contains the report name, type and description.
  • Data—Lets you view or create data series to define the properties for a report.
  • Chart—Lets you view or edit information about the properties of the chart, including the report type and details.
  • Security—Lets you manage user rights to reports.
  • Schedule—Lets you set up recurring, automatic runs of reports that are then emailed to a distribution list that you define.


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