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Printing Records

Clicking the Printable View button in the toolbar will create a separate browser window with a printer-friendly report of the information you are currently viewing.

The button behaves differently depending on whether you are viewing a list of records or viewing an individual record.

To print a list of records

  1. Click Printable View in the toolbar.
    The Printable View window appears.
  2. (Optional) Enter a title for your report.
  3. Indicate whether you would like filter information to print on the report.
    Filter information indicates what search restrictions were used when originally generating the list of records.
  4. Click OK.
    The Printable View window closes. A new browser window appears, displaying your record list.
  5. In the new browser window, click Print This Page.
  6. Click Close This Page.

To print an individual record

  1. Click Printable View in the toolbar.
  2. The Sections window appears.
    All of the possible information sections related to your record are shown. They are all presently selected with a check-box. Uncheck any sections that you do not want to print.
    The check-box next to the word Sections will select, or de-select, all of the individual sections simultaneously when you click it.
    Sections that are marked with an asterisk require more retrieval time. You can still print these sections, but response time will be longer than if you did not include them.
  3. Click OK.
    A new browser window or tab appears, displaying your record's information.
  4. In the new browser window or tab, click Print This Page.
  5. Click Close This Page.
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