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Embed TCBI Dashboard on Portal Panes

Note: The minimum version that supports this enhancement is TCBI 6.3.0

Instructions to embed dashboards on Portal panes

1) Share the dashboard with the Sisense Admin User/Group.

2) Go to tools > Report Integration, click on Sync Report List to synchronize the sisense report integration. (Once the sync is successful, shared dashboards and all widgets in it will get stored to T_Report table in TeamConnect database)

3) Go to TeamConnect Setup Menu > home page and add My Reports default portal pane to embed the dashboard or widget by editing the custom content parameters.

(Note: Users can create a new portal pane or use the default My Reports portal pane if available)

4) Choose the shared dashboard from Report dropdown menu and provide the chart dimensions (width and height) of the portal pane.

5) Click Ok and then synchronize both Settings and Content of the home page.

6) Go to the Home page and refresh the page to see the embedded dashboard with the last data sync details provided. (Do the datasync of TCBI to get the latest information on the dashboard)


  • If a new widget is added to the shared dashboard, the user should republish the dashboard to sisense admin user/group for the new widget to appear on the homepage.

  • If a widget or a dashboard is renamed, the user should republish the dashboard to sisense admin user/group and run ‘Sync Report List’ again.

  • Users will not have access for applying the filters to the embedded dashboard on the homepage.

  • If TCBI security is turned off and the dashboard filter is turned off for a widget(s), it might expose information to a user that they are not allowed to access. When creating dashboards, designers should follow the same guidelines as defined here on dashboard security.

  • ‘No access’ error window appears if the user does not have access to the dashboard.

  • Users will also have an option to customize the portal pane dimensions and also choose the embedded dashboard from the list.


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