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Running the Installer

The TeamConnect Installer is a wizard that completes many steps of your installation or upgrade process for you.


These are the main tasks completed by the TeamConnect Installer:

  1. Preparation—In this section, specify where the TeamConnect installation files should be copied. The Installer will detect whether the local PC has enough disk space for the unzipped installation files (including the application, utilities, and documentation files).
  2. Extracting Files—In this section, the Installer copies TeamConnect installation files to a local folder.
  3. Configuration—In this section, the Installer allows screen-based editing of the TeamConnect application configuration information. Ultimately this configuration information is stored in the file. If you have already run the Installer and have a local TeamConnect application file or file, you can use the Installer to update the configuration information from those sources. The Installer packages the latest configuration information (in the file) into a new TeamConnect application file(s).

    Elasticsearch parameters are also set via the configuration options in the installer. Users will be able to defer their configuration until after installation; in this case, the parameters will need to be put in manually. For help, see Manually Configuring Search Parameters.
  4. Create/Upgrade Database—In this section, the Installer either creates a new TeamConnect database schema or upgrades an existing database schema. Refer to the Release Notes for upgrade requirements.

TeamConnect Data Warehouse has its own separate installer programs, which are not discussed here.

Available Updates

TeamConnect Legal Matter Management, Service of Process (SOP), and Collaborati Spend Management (CSM) are installed through the Available Updates feature in the administrative interface of TeamConnect, which will be accessible to you after you install TeamConnect version 6.2. Detailed installation of CSM is not discussed here, but there are some important dependencies and cautions about CSM installation in the CSM installation and admin guides.

After your TeamConnect installation is complete, you may wish to consider installing optional features, as described in Web Folders.

Before You Begin

For customers with older versions of TeamConnect, this chapter includes procedures for upgrading from an older version of TeamConnect to TeamConnect 6.3. Only the versions in the list below are eligible for upgrading. The installer will recognize that you have one of these versions and will run the appropriate procedures.

  • TeamConnect 5.0 (through 5.0.10)
  • TeamConnect 5.1 (through 5.1.1)
  • TeamConnect 5.2 (through 5.2.10)
  • TeamConnect 6.0 (through 6.0.2)
  • TeamConnect 6.1 (through 6.1.2)
  • TeamConnect 6.2 (through 6.2.5)

If you are using a version of TeamConnect older than TeamConnect 5.0, you must first separately upgrade to 5.0 before running the tasks in this chapter. Instructions for upgrading to 5.0 can be found in the TeamConnect 5.0 Installation Guide and Release Notes on the TeamConnect PDF HubNote: This link may require a login.

Important: When performing an upgrade, there are several important tasks that must be completed before running the installer. Refer to Upgrade Considerations. Regardless of your previous version, you must back up your database before beginning the upgrade.


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