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weblogic.xml Parameters

If you are using WebLogic as your application server, there are certain values in the weblogic.xml file, located in the /WEB-INF directory of the TeamConnect .war file. These parameters apply only to WebLogic. You should not modify these values.

Parameters in weblogic.xml



Suggested value


Sets the interval, in seconds, at which WebLogic checks to see if JSP files have changed and need recompiling.

If set to -1, page checking and recompiling is disabled (recommended for production mode). If set to 0, pages are checked on every request.

-1 (in production environment)


Sets the name of the session cookie. If the session cookie has a unique name, this reduces some runtime behavior issues such as unexpected session time-outs. One way to establish a unique name is to derive the name of the cookie from the context path of the application: <ContextPath>SessionID. Note that this parameter is contained inside different elements than the other weblogic.xml parameters. Example:





container- descriptor

Sets the policy for checking for expired static resources. Values of -1 suppress checking, thus improving performance. Example:


<servlet-reload-check-secs>-1</servlet- reload-check-secs>

<resource-reload-check-secs>-1</resource- reload-check-secs>

<prefer-web-inf-classes>false</prefer-web- inf-classes>




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