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Morning Report

Among the options that your site administrator can take advantage of is the customization of your Morning Report; accessed via the Reporting tab on your Top Navigation Bar.

Morning Report Link

The Morning Report is intended to provide information where data is either new or may be missing. You can select from the items on the sidebar navigation for a focused breakdown.



Recently Opened

View matter records opened on or after a specific date.

Missing Leadership

View which matter records are missing an individual in the Lead, Paralegal, or Administrative role.

Missing Category

View which matter records are missing information for Type, Keyword, Issues, Product, or Division/Department.

Division/Department not 100%

View matter records in which the divisions/departments currently assigned are less than or over 100%.

Retired Categories

View matter records that are using retired categories.

No Outside Counsel

View matter records that do not have assigned outside counsel.

Staff Positioning

View the most recent 100 added matter records with an overview of staff assigned to maintain the information.

No Approval Chain

View which invoices do not have an assigned approval chain.

Invoices Not Reviewed

View which invoices have not yet been reviewed by the first assigned reviewer.

Invoices Not Approved

View which invoices do not have a final approval date.

Invoices Not Sent to AP

View which approved invoices have no accounting date set.

Matters Recently Closed

View matters records that have been closed within the last month, last two months, or last three months.

List Matters by Status

View a list of matters organized by status.

Budget Activity

View which budgets have been adjusted in a specific time period.

No Update—30 days

View matter records that have not been updated within a specific time period.

Previous Day Activity

View all transaction records which took place on a specific past date.

Description Text Missing

View matter records that do not have a completed description text.

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