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Invoice Tabs

At the bottom of the main invoice page is a list of tabs that allow you to view a variety of information.

Note: If the invoice you are viewing is a summary invoice, only the tabs for Approval Activities, Invoice Documents, Chargeback Review, Flags and Comments, Invoice History, and Budget Review are available.

Invoice Tab Options:



Approval Activities

View a list of line items needing approval or have been approved/rejected.

Invoice Documents

View the documents uploaded for an invoice.

Chargeback Review

View chargebacks, which are divisions of the company that the invoice charges. By default, the chargebacks for an invoice come from its associated matter.

Flags and Comments

View the flags and comments for the invoice.

Matter Invoices

View invoices from this vendor that are set at the matter level.

Invoice History

View all invoice amounts and summary.

Budget Review

View the details for a budget.

Order Received

View the order in which line items uploaded to an invoice.

Chronological Order

View line fee items listed in chronological order.

Timekeeper Totals

View all documented timekeepers and the hours claimed under a specific date.

LEDES Review

Display phase reviews and LEDES code records.

Custom View

Contact your Lawtrac Account Executive to request a customized view of invoice details to meet your particular needs.

Your Options

Select the tab to which you would like invoice view to open as default.

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