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Flags and Comments

Here's what to do for for viewing the flags and comments for an invoice.


Budget and Reserves flags are separate from Invoice and Line Item flags. They're displayed separately since they calculated based on Invoice totals and not necessarily the line items themselves.

Note: The flags are still recorded against line items in the database, but we are manipulating them in the UI to only display once if they are present. The following advanced processing rules are affected R400, 

In the Approval Activities tab, if there exists a budget or reserve flag on an invoice, it will be displayed above the line items table. If there are only Budget / Reserve flags on an invoice, no flags will be present on line items.

If there exists a flag other than those types, the line item will have its regular warning icon.


To view the flags and comments for an invoice, select the Flags and Comments tab at the bottom of an invoice's detail page. The flags and comments seen here pertain to any action taken in the Approval Activities tab, such as a rejection or a notification that a line item was flagged because it contains a billing guideline violation.

The Budget/Reserve items are separate from Invoice items on this screen, as well. 

If this tab is populated with information, the red speech bubble icon shows in the tab header.



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