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Unassigning a Person/Entity as a Player

The Global Unassign Wizard allows you to unassign a person or entity as a player to one or more matters.

To Remove a Person or Entity as a Player:

  1. Select the Global Assign/Reassign/Unassign Wizard on the Wizards List page and click  Run or click the Wizards button on the Related Matters tab (People or Entities). .
  2. Select the Global Unassign option and click  Next.
  3. If you accessed the wizard from the Wizards module, click the image button in the Name field on the Step 1 screen to search for the player that is being unassigned. This step is not necessary if the wizard was accessed from the Related Matters tab.
  4. In the Start Date field, add a date for the assignment to begin using the popup calendar or by typing a new date in the field.
  5. Select a Player Type and Role from the dropdown lists or check the checkbox to remove the person/entity from all selected matters in any capacity as a player.

The Global Unassign Wizard will not affect any uncompleted calendar events or invoice approvals. If these exist, consider using the Global Reassign Wizard instead.

  1. Click  Next to select the matters.
  2. Select the checkboxes of the appropriate matters or click Select All.
  3. Click  Next to continue.
  4. Review the information on the confirmation page and click  Finish.

When the wizard is done, a list of the matters unassigned will display. Any errors encountered will also be listed. Click the Print button to print the list.


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