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Type Profiles

Customizing fields by type profile affects all users and will only affect the fields on the current tab. Customizing by type profile in the Entities or Matters module is by entity or matter type and applies only to the Entities or Matters module, respectively.

Tab Level Customizations

Customizations that can be made to a tab by type profile are:

  • Caption (label change)
  • Position
  • Read-only
  • Hidden

Field Level Customizations

The customizations available are dependent on the data type of the field selected. The customizations that can be made to fields by type profile are as follows:

  • Caption (label change)
  • Hint (tooltip when mouse pointer hovers over field)
  • Read-only
  • Hidden
  • Required
  • Default Value (the value that will appear by default for the field when a new record is created)
  • Lookup Category (only for field data types that use lookups)
  • Calendar Push (only for field data types that are date/time)
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