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LegalHold 2.7.0 Release Notes


This topic outlines features and issue resolutions in LegalHold version 2.7.0.


How to Read the Release Notes

The feature enhancements, known issues, and bug fixes on this page are broken down in the following way, respectively:

  • A description of the issue or feature

  • Internal tracking code

  • Salesforce case number, if applicable

  • Additional information (for features)




LegalHold 2.7.0 has the following certifications:

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 compatibility mode with 2012

Tracking code: LH-8670




  1. Now the views on People and User lists display the status column on the grid, to filter users by status (active or inactive) without entering record details. 

Tracking Code: LH-9318

Additional Detail: See the following pages Add New People to the System and Add New Users to the System for more information.


  1. Now the Matter Description field is an OOTB variable that can be included in the following sections:

  • Hold Notices 

  • Preservation Notice

  • Email Templates

  • Response pages for recipients and data stewards

  • Custodian reminder email when the digest is turned off 

Tracking Code: LH-8826

Additional Detail: For more information, see the following pages: Create a New Preservation Notice for a Hold, Create a New Hold in LegalHold, Create and Edit Email Templates, Configure the Custom Response Page in System Settings, Custodian Reminder Email Setup , and Adding Variables and Attachments.




  1. Hold and Reminder Customizations -> Display recipients on hold notice has a new global setting where you can set Display the recipients on hold as on or off.

Tracking Code: LH-8996

Additional Detail: Currently the hold notice displays recipients in every hold.  With this feature, users save time and don't send a list of custodians by mistake. Users can also change the default value for a specific hold if needed.

  1. We have implemented the Notice Approval Workflow.

Tracking Code: LH-48, LH-49, LH-9319, LH-9321, LH-9322

Additional Detail: Notice Approval Workflow is a process that allows you to send a notice to any person, for example, the primary attorney, for approval. This helps the users to check that the notice is correct and accurate.


  1. The Notice Approval Workflow has a page that lists the history of the approval process.

Tracking Code: LH-9321

Additional Detail: The Notice Approval Workflow has a page that lists the history of the transitions and notices status. This allows you to monitor data about the approval, for example:

  • When the approval request was sent.
  • Who sent the approval request.
  • Whether the approval status is pending or approved.
  • Who did changes to the approval status.
  • Who removed an approval process and when.

To enable Approval History click on Hold Notice Step -> Enable Notice Approval (Approval Details).



To review Approval History click on My Approvals tile -> Approved tab -> Notice Edit/Approve.



  1. Now the Unsent Holds List has a new filter to view holds by status: Pending Approval, Approved or All holds.

Tracking Code: LH-9319

Additional Detail: See Unsent Holds List for more information.


  1. Now Email Templates contain the new field Email Template Subject to set a default subject as part of a template. You can include the OOTB variables:

  • Matter Name

  • Matter Number

  • Hold Name

  • Hold Number

Tracking Code: LH-9316

Additional Detail: See  Create and Edit Email Templates for more information.



  1. Now the Send Test Email button resolves the variables and shows a preview of the email to be sent. 

Tracking Code: LH-9481

Additional Detail: Click on the Send Test Email button to receive a preview of the hold notice in your inbox before sending it to the recipients. Send Test Email also resolves the variables in the test email. See Add or Import the Hold Notice Text for more information. 


  1. We have improved the response time of the SQL database. 

Tracking Code: LH-9542

Additional Detail: The notice process made a query that blocked the SQL connection and diminished performance.


  1. For system administrators that configure their databases with SAML authentication, Now LegalHold allows to set whether a user logs in through the regular login page or through an IdP provider. The new Disable SSO setting is located in Manage People -> People Details ->  Disable SSO. This setting is off by default .

Tacking Code: LH-8321, LH-9434

Additional Detail: As a system administrator, I want the application to send hold notices to certain people outside of the organization. I want to easily manage their responses to the legal holds as well. This setting works in the following way:

  • If Disable SSO is enabled and the user and SAML authentication are enabled, when the user is a custodian of the hold and they click on the response to hold notice link, SSO authentication is bypassed and that user has to use basic authentication (username and password).

  • If Disable SSO is disabled and SAML is enabled, when the user clicks on the notice link, the user authenticates by using their IdP credentials.



  1. We have introduced Questionnaire Analysis by Hold, a report that allows you to generate CSV files that contain responses from questionnaires applied to all custodians for single, multiple and all the holds options. 

Tacking Code: LH-8698

Additional Detail: As a LegalHold administrator, I would like to export questionnaire responses from all custodians and multiple holds. This will help me analyze the data across holds in one step as opposed to analyzing them individually.




  1. The Non-Custodial Data Source (NCDS) upload process has been improved. Now NCDS handles changes to header titles, columns placement and date format. It also handles errors more effectively.

Tacking Code: LH-9317

Additional Detail: You can set the non-custodial data sources to use the new Collection Management page. Collection Management assigns and monitors non-custodial data that collects from a system or server. Additionally, you can import non-custodial data as a CSV file. A new task allows you to set a schedule for the data collection of non-custodial data sources. For more information, see Manually Upload Non-custodial Data Sources and Non-custodial Data Sources Import Setup.


  1. We have introduced Enable questionnaires on hold notice, a new global setting under Hold and Reminder CustomizationsEnable questionnaires on hold notice allows you to enable or disable the questionnaires step in the hold notice. 

Tracking Code: LH-9630

Additional Detail: This setting facilitates the creation of holds with questionnaires. Now you can set Enable questionnaires on hold notice in the global settings and control how you create holds with or without questionnaires.

  1. Now in New Hold -> Hold Notice Step, the Notice Name field is automatically populated with the Hold Name entered in the summary step. 

Tracking Code: LH-9523

Additional Detail: The notice name is a mandatory field, and now it's automatically named as the hold name by default.



  1. In Manage Holds -> All Active Holds, we have implemented Pending Approval Holds, a new filter for the holds that pass through the Notice Approval workflow. 

Tracking Code: LH-9654

Additional Detail: In Notice Approval Workflow ->  All-Active Page, we have implemented the new filter Pending Approval Holds, to filter holds with Pending Approval status.



  1. When a hold was released, a released notification was sent, but you couldn't see the release notice text. Now we include a link to the notice in Released Holds.

Tracking Code: LH-9741

Additional Detail: Now, the Released Holds list has a new link that shows the release notice sent to the custodians. This link is available in the released holds that have issued a release notice. By clicking on this link you also resolve all variables and custom variables with exception of the recipient name. The list of recipients is displayed at the bottom of the notice.


  1. In My Approval List view, when a user sends a notice created with a template that uses variables in the subject, these variables now show their actual values.

Tracking Code: LH-9764


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