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Non-custodial Data Sources Import Setup

This page details how to run or stop this task and how to configure or edit the schedule.

What is Non-custodial Data Sources Import?

Non-custodial Data Sources Import is an automated way for your site to synchronize non-custodial data source records in LegalHold from an output file from your asset management application that maintains all record-keeping systems.

Automate the process of importing non-custodial data sources

The most recent file uploaded to the path set in the Non-custodial Data Souces Import task will be imported into LegalHold at the specified date/time in the task. 

Edit the Non-custodial Data Sources Import Schedule

The instructions below detail how to edit the schedule that people are imported from an on-site HR system:

  1. From the Home Page, click on the Scheduled Task icon.
  2. Find Non-custodial Data Sources Import in the Task Name column, then click the edit icon in the Actions column.
    Note: If the task is currently running on a schedule, you must stop the scheduled before you can edit it. Simply click the Stop icon in the Actions column, then click the Edit icon.
  3. Enter details for the FTP account that is being used for file transfers.
  4. Select Continue.
  5. Edit the schedule then click Schedule. All fields are required on this screen. 


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