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Custodian Reminder Email Setup

This topic details how to run or stop this task, configure or edit the schedule, and how to edit the content of the email.

What is the Custodian Email Reminder?

The Custodian Reminder Email is a scheduled task that is set up to automatically send reminder emails to custodians who have not responded or complied with a hold notice. 

Note: You can disable this setting for individual people (not users) if they are expected to be on an extended leave, if they are a silent custodian, or if they are high-level management that does not need to receive these notifications. 

Automate the Process of Sending Reminder Emails and Escalations to Custodians

The Custodian Reminder Email will automatically be sent for all holds that have the Add Reminders and Escalations toggle enabled. This toggle is found in step 3 of the Create a Hold process.

Note: If each individual hold has a schedule set, then that will take precedence over this global schedule for reminder notices. This schedule will be based on the sent date for each hold.


Edit the Custodian Reminder Schedule

This is a global schedule and will apply to all active holds that have the Escalation Email toggle enabled in all respective holds. 

The instructions below detail how to edit the schedule that custodian reminders are sent.

  1. From the Home page, select the Scheduled Task icon
  2. Find Custodian Reminder Email in the Task Name column, then select the Edit (pencil) icon in the Actions column.
    Note: If the task is currently running on a schedule, you must stop the scheduled before you can edit it. Simply select the Stop icon in the Actions column, then select the Edit icon.
  3. Edit the schedule then select Schedule. All fields are required on this page. 

Once the scheduled task opens, select  the View Custodian Reminder Email link to edit the text that custodians will see in the subject line, email body, and email footer. Detailed instructions on this process are listed below.

Edit the Reminder Email Content

Follow Steps 1-2 from the instructions above then select the View Custodian Reminder Email link (shown at the bottom of the reminder schedule) to edit the reminder email. The email body and footer have rich text editors and variables available for use. Select Save when finished.

Note about the Reply To Field: If your administrator has SMTP settings enabled, then the Reply To field will be greyed out. 


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