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LegalHold 2.5.1 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to enhancements, improvements, and resolved issues in LegalHold 2.5.1.


Enhancement: Added a new notice recipient endpoint to the REST API. This new endpoint under /notice-recipients supports the GET method, and returns all NoticeRecipient objects and can be filtered by person identifier, person email, recipient status, and notice identifier. 
Description: See the Swagger documentation on the available REST API endpoints and applicable methods for more information.
Tracking Code: LH-8383

Enhancement: For exporting LegalHold data to a an external system, the Comma-separated Values (CSV) file that is created now contains a unique identifier for each row of data that is exported.
Description: See the Hold and Custodian Export Setup for more information.
Tracking Code: LH-8517

Enhancement: For exporting LegalHold data to a an external system, the name of the Comma-separated Values (CSV) file that is created is now prepended with the date (in YYYY-MM-DD format) and an underscore character. 
Description: See the Hold and Custodian Export Setup for more information.
Tracking Code: LH-8518

Enhancement: The Hold Sent Date is now available as a variable on hold notice templates and hold notices. This variable displays the date the hold notice was sent on any notifications or emails where it has been added.
Description: See Create and Edit Email Templates for more information.
Tracking Code: LH-8519

Enhancement: On the Questionnaire Analysis tab for a hold, selecting View Response Details without selecting a filter will retrieve all responses, which can then be exported to a Comma-Separated Values (CSV) file.
Description: See Analyze Custodian's Questionnaire Responses Attached to a Hold for more information.
Tracking code: LH-8521

Bug Fixes 

Issue: TeamConnect legal staff couldn't receive hold notices.
Description: For legal staff that is automatically created from a TeamConnect integration, selecting the option for legal staff to receive copies of the hold notice does not result in legal staff receiving the email from LegalHold.
Tracking Code: LH-8520

Issue: Large file exports and SFTP issues.
Description: For the new feature to export hold data from LegalHold to an external system, several issues occurred with large file exports and the SFTP site.
Tracking code: LH-8561

Issue: Custom fields.
Description: For the new feature to create custom fields, a custom field for which values had never been entered could not be deleted.
Tracking code: LH-8607

Issue: Preservation notices navigation.
Description: If more than one page of preservation notices is displayed in the tile view, the Next button to view the second page of notices does not display the next page.
Tracking code: LH-8608

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