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LegalHold 2.7.1 Release Notes

This topic outlines issue resolutions, in addition to some security updates in LegalHold version 2.7.1.


How to Read the Release Notes

The feature enhancements, known issues, and bug fixes on this page are broken down in the following way, respectively:

  • A description of the issue or feature

  • Internal tracking code

  • Salesforce case number, if applicable

  • Additional information for features


Issues Resolution


  • Manage Group->Add People to Group CSV uploads perform better when uploading files of more than 500 records.

Tracking Code: LH-9770


  • Now pagination control in My Holds module works properly.

Tracking Code: LH-9854


  • To avoid the insertion of duplicate records, The Save and Continue button in each step of the Hold Notice process is disabled after it is clicked.

Tracking Code: LH-9877


  • We fixed an issue with the Hold and Custodians Export Task. We have improved the process of creating CSV files by removing unnecessary folders and files created during the process.

Tracking Code: LH-9938

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