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Editing Personal Information

Edit information about a Legal staff member.

Site administrators and super users can edit information about a Legal staff member.

  1. Click the link for the staff member's name in the Individual column.
  2. From the staff member's record, click the Edit hyperlink on the sidebar to the right.
  3. Update information about the staff member using the text boxes.
    1. Use the switches to change how contact information displays. By default, email addresses and phone numbers are available only to Legal staff members. Next to the Display Email outside Legal department? and Display Other Phone outside Legal department? fields, red circle target icon-No specifies that information is not available. To display the information to all users, click the toggle to change the icon to green circle target icon-Yes.
  4. Changes are saved automatically. Successful saves are indicated by the green circle target icon icon.

Edit In-House Record

Additional Profile Options:



Contact Info

View staff member's name, office, address, email, phone/fax number, and status information.


View dates and event information for associated matters.


View matter with which the individual is associated and their role within the matter.

Predefined Teams

View matters of which the individual is a team member.


View document activity associated with the individual.

Routing Slips

View routing slips associated with the individual and their status.


View the last 100 transactions (or activity), listed in reverse chronological order.


Edit contact information and submit comments.

Work Group Security

Grant the individual access to specific work groups.


View rates associated with the individual.


Manage matter Legal classifications associated with the individual by Type and Division/Business Unit.

Application Permissions

Turn on or off the main menu items that are displayed on the application.

Matter Permissions

Manage viewing of matter menu items which users have access to.

Reset Permissions

Set to default profile. This option will undo all of the user's existing permissions and reset them to match those of the selected profile.

Site Access

Manage invoice authorizations, access points, and log-in credentials.


Release or reinstate an individual to the Legal staff.

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