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In-House Legal Department

View members of the Legal staff based on location, team, or position title.

To display a list of internal Legal staff, select In-House Legal Department from the People tab.

In-House Legal Department Link

Click a person's name to view more information about the individual.

Internal Legal Staff Filtered on W

Filter Legal Staff Members

To find a staff member, you can filter through the list in the following ways:

  • Use the alphabet filter at the top of the screen to search by the first letter of the last name. Only letters matching a user's surname appear.
  • From the Location drop-down list, select a staff member location and click List.
  • From the Predefined Team drop-down list, select a Legal team and click List.
  • From the Position Titles drop-down list, select a staff member title and click List.
  • From the Search First/Last Name text field, enter a name and click Find. There is no minimum character amount for this field.
  • Click the Released List link to display a list of staff members that are no longer active. To return to a list of all active staff members, click Refresh List under the alphabet filter.
    Filtering Legal Staff

Contact a Legal Staff Member

From a list of internal Legal staff, click the following icons to contact a staff member:

  • staff_contact—Send the staff member an internal Lawtrac message.
  • email_icon_small—Send the staff member an email.
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