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This guide details how to use the Documents feature in Lawtrac and covers the following topics: Document List, Routing Slips, File Room, and Document Tools.

An electronic Document folder is available on the database for every matter record. Documents are best managed from their associated matter records; documents added to matter records should pertain only to that matter and should not be incomplete or a work in progress. Outside counsel (with "Add Document" permission) may add documents to the matter and, in some cases, view the documents that in-house and other firms provide.

Important Note: Do not change file names while indexing is in process.

Documents Tab

Documents Options:



Document List

Maintain all documents on the server.

Routing Slips

View and edit routing slips for invoices.

File Room

Maintain your "physical" paper files.

Document Tools

Download Lawtrac Connect.

Asian character support for document upload and search:

The Lawtrac 4.2 application allows users to upload, search, and report on document files with Asian language file names and content, including:

  • Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Thai

Documents can be uploaded via drag-and-dropLawtrac ConnectBrowse, and Upload, and can also be saved from the Lawtrac Document Bank to your computer.

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