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Routing Slips

View active routing slips.

Routing slips allow for maximum efficiency when it comes to matter approval or review for an invoice.

To view active routing slips, select Routing Slips from the Documents tab.

Note: If no matter has been assigned to you, the Active Routing Slip list will be empty.

Routing Slips Link

  • Click Completed to view matter records that have already been reviewed.
  • Click My Requested to view routing slips that you have made.
  • Click Active to view pending routing slips.
  • orange edit icon—Add a personal note
  • orange paper—View matter record

To open a routing slip, click either the Type of matter record, or Status.

Click on any name of an individual reviewing the routing slip to view their notes or status. Routing slips can be approved or rejected from within the matter record.

Review Routing Slip

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