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File Room

The File Room module provides a database of the files that support your company's Legal team, and helps maintain your physical paper files.

While the Document Bank manages electronic documents, Lawtrac's File Room helps you maintain your physical paper files. The File Room module provides a database of the files that support your company's Legal team.

File Room Link

With Lawtrac’s File Room, you can track the actual location of each record and indicate whether a file is stored in a file room, an office, or off-site. You can also see when a particular user has one or more of the file’s folders checked out.

Lawtrac’s File Room also allows you to search, print file labels, check inventories, and identify matters for which no files have been created yet. Even though it is not required, you can use the File Room to associate every file and folder to a specific matter record.

Note: If you do not see a File Room link, your site administrator may have turned this module off company-wide. Files and folders displayed reflect only those matters to which you have security access.

The File Room includes the following tabs:




redwell_icon Redwell files host a group of folders pertaining to a specific matter.


folders_icon Folders within Redwell files that host specific subjects.


File room inventory overview includes an inventory for managers to verify that electronic data accurately reflects your physical files. View the amount of files, folders, and sub-folders that are checked out, available, in the print queue, and retired.


Use the text field to search for a file or folder in redwell_icon or folders_icon.

Closed/Retired List

View retired Redwell folders by name, matter number, matter name, check-out detail, storage box number. Reinstate retired folders here.


Search files, folders, and sub-folders by folder name, matter name or number, or key words.

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