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How do I set up my vendor for invoice submission?

The following steps need to be completed by the Legal department in order to receive invoices electronically:

  1. Set rate card approvers.
  2. Set invoice authorization chain. (If you are adding a new approver to the system, see a note about invoice approvers.)
  3. Establish processing rules (invoices).
  4. Verify LEDES codes.
  5. Add a law firm or vendor account to your Lawtrac database.
  6. Add an administrator for the new firm or vendor. (Administrators must have access to Lawtrac if they are not using a third-party e-Billing platform.)
  7. Assign a lead role to your matter record.
  8. Assign a firm or vendor to your matter record.

If your law firm or vendor has an eBillingHub account; click here.

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