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Who to Contact When

Who to Contact When

Suggestions for who to contact and when to contact them

Contact your client: click here

• When your Matter is not showing in Collaborati on the Matters page 
Check your timekeeper authorizations and contact your client if your timekeeper is still "Pending Client Authorization" after several days
• When you need to bill to a certain code and it is not available from the codes page (how to view codes)
• If your Rate Request has not been approved for several days
• When you need a copy of your client’s billing guidelines (some clients share their billing guidelines on the Client profile page)
 If your invoice has been rejected - note that many clients use automatic rules to validate the invoice. (Click Here for a list of common rejection comment with a possible solution.)

Contact Collaborati Support: click here

• If your LEDES file has file errors and you do not understand them (for a general list of file errors)
• When you need to complete the setup for a new client (Instructions on how to complete setup)
• If you need help with adding timekeepers (short video on creating a timekeeper)
• When you need to submit a Rate Request (instructions on how to create a rate request)
• If you need help with invoice upload or manually creating an invoice (how to create a manual invoice)

Billing Process Diagram: click here


Collaborati Support Tips

Support is available for all users of Collaborati.

  • For quick questions, use Phone or Chat (available Monday - Friday between 7 AM - 7 PM Central time) at the bottom left or right side of this form.
  • For more complicated questions, (or if you don't have time for a call or chat), open a Support ticket using this form.  Our goal is to respond within 24 hours.
  • To schedule a meeting on Zoom or Webex with a member of the Collaborati Support team, open a Support ticket using this form.
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