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Who to Contact When

Who to Contact When

Suggestions for who to contact and when to contact them

Contact your client: click here

• Check your timekeeper authorizations and contact your client if your timekeeper is still "Pending Client Authorization" after several days
• When you need to bill to a certain code and it is not available from the codes page (how to view codes)
• If your Rate Request has not been approved for several days
• When you need a copy of your client’s billing guidelines (some clients share their billing guidelines on the Client profile page)
 If your invoice has been rejected - note that many clients use automatic rules to validate the invoice. (Click Here for a list of common rejection comment with a possible solution.)

Contact Collaborati Support: click here

• If your LEDES file has file errors and you do not understand them (for a general list of file errors)
• When you need to complete the setup for a new client (Instructions on how to complete setup)
• If you need help with adding timekeepers (short video on creating a timekeeper)
• When you need to submit a Rate Request (instructions on how to create a rate request)
• If you need help with invoice upload or manually creating an invoice (how to create a manual invoice)

Get Online Training here

Billing Process Diagram: click here


Collaborati Support Tips

Support is available for all users of Collaborati.

  • For quick questions, use Phone or Chat (available Monday - Friday between 7 AM - 7 PM Central time) at the bottom left or right side of this form.
  • For more complicated questions, (or if you don't have time for a call or chat), open a Support ticket using this form.  Our goal is to respond within 24 hours.
  • To schedule a meeting on Zoom or Webex with a member of the Collaborati Support team, open a Support ticket using this form.
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