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Add a New User

  1. To add a user profile, from the Admin tab, select the Users sub-navigation link. The Users screen opens.
  2. Click the Add User link.
  3. Complete the following fields:
    • Email—Enter the new user's email address in this field. It is a unique identifier for a user in Collaborati, and it serves as the username. Click Next.
    • User type—Select which type of user this will be:
      • Choose User if the user will only need access to the Invoices and Budgets submission and tracking screens.
      • Choose Admin if the user is an administrator who needs access to all settings for your firm.
    • First Name—Enter the new user's first name.
    • Middle Name—(optional) Enter the new user's middle name or initial.
    • Last Name—Enter the new user's last name.
    • Phone—(optional) Enter the new user's phone number, if applicable.
  4. Click Save. The application saves the new user's information in the database and adds the new User to the Users screen. The user will receive an email containing their username and auto-generated password, and should have immediate access to the application.

More information about user requirements can be found here.

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