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Tracker IMS

Tracker IMS

Welcome to the Tracker IMS Support and Training Portal.  Here you will find a compilation of resources that will help you learn how to use Tracker for your daily case work. 



Recorded Training Sessions

Basic Training Videos

These training videos cover the basic features and functionality that you need to learn in order to start using the ImmigrationTracker application.  These are short videos that last from two to five minutes and are grouped by topic.  The videos are presented in the order that we suggest you watch them but you can watch each video independently if you need a quick refresher of a specific topic.






Advanced Training Videos

These training videos demonstrate how you can customize your Immigration Tracker application content to fit your needs. You can create custom questionnaires, document checklists, and email templates. You can also create custom workflows that trigger these items.



Tracker IMS Solutions

Tracker IMS Solutions

Integration.png IMS Solutions

Release Notes

icons8-speaker-notes-100 (1).png Release Notes




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