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Applying a Widget Profile to a User Group

Security attributes can be used to set access to Suite for all users. In particular, a widget security attribute profile can be applied to a user or group of users.

þÿ  If a user is a member of multiple groups, the most restrictive access level will apply to the user account.

To Set Security Attributes for a User Group:

  1. Open Suite Manager.
  2. On the Suite Manager control panel, click the icn_Users_Groups Users/Groups component in the Security area.
  3. On the Users/Groups window, click on the Groups tab at the top of the window.
  4. Select a user group by clicking on it on the Groups tab.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. On the Edit Group dialog box, click on the Security Attributes tab.
  7. For the Widgets Access security attribute for eCounsel or Secretariat, click the arrow to toggle between “Unlimited” and “Limited”.db_Group_access
  8. If you select “Limited,” click the Edit button and select a security attribute profile to be applied, then click Save and Close.db_Security_Attribute_Access_Widgets

þÿIf you toggle a security attribute access level to “Limited” without selecting a security attribute profile, the security attribute will appear with a yellow background to signify that further action must take place before the restriction can be applied. 


  1. On the Edit Group dialog box, click Save.
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