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Collaborati 4.4 Release Notes

Security Update

Enhancement: Fix Log4j vulnerability
Description: In order to fix the most pressing security issues found in Log4j (CVE-2022-23307), we have replaced Log4j With Reload4j in Collaborati. 
Tracking Code: COLL-18222

Product Enhancements

Enhancement: Newly added Timekeeper fields 
Description: Practice Area, JD/Bar year, Race/Ethnicity, Gender, Veteran, LGBTQ, Disability are the new timekeeper fields added in Collaborati and its database. 
Tracking Code: COLL-16414, COLL-16497, COLL-16744, COLL-16526

Enhancement: Timekeepers Status updates can now be seen on the Home Page
Description: “Timekeeper Status Notifications” is newly added to the system feature settings. Enabling this option displays the timekeeper status updates on the home page. By default, this option is enabled and only M-admin can enable this option.
Additional Information: For multi-user firms, if one user clears the notification it gets cleared for all other users.
Tracking Code: COLL-17033, COLL-16491, COLL-16856

Enhancement: Email Notifications Configuration 
Description: Added a new category called “Timekeeper Records” under email notifications in the Notifications page. Based on the selection, admins will receive email notifications about the timekeeper(s) status updates.
Tracking Code: COLL-16831, COLL-16493

Enhancement: Update global Menu bar
Description: Newly added “Timekeepers with Rates” option to Timekeepers dropdown menu list on the global menu. This new option allows the users to add Timekeepers information along with rates to clients for authorization in a single workflow. This option effectively reduces the time spent by admins to onboard new timekeepers. 
Tracking Code: COLL-16413

Client-Office Onboarding

Enhancement: Enhanced client setup workflow 
Description: The new client setup workflow allows the user to submit timekeeper information with rates or without rates to the client for authorization.  This enhancement will reduce the time spent for each client setup.
Here is the workflow to create new timekeeper with rates in Collaborati:

Step 1: Codes ( Submit internal for client codes)
Step 2: Timekeepers
Step 3: Add/Assign 
Step 4: Rates (Manually/bulk upload timekeeper rates information and this step is optional)
Step 5: Summary (Preview screen that display all information for review)
For more information, refer to Client Setup.
Tracking Code: COLL-15690

Enhancement: New Sample Timekeepers 4.0 .csv file for bulk upload in all workflows
Description: Newly updated Sample Timekeepers 4.0 csv file which includes newly added diversity fields on the step 2 page of client setup workflow. Users are allowed to add timekeeper rates or submit timekeepers information to clients for authorization after successful upload.
Additional Information: As the new fields added are optional, Collaborati still supports the Sample Timekeepers 3.0 csv file for bulk upload.
Tracking Code: COLL-16484, COLL-16485

Enhancement:  “Add Timekeeper Rates” button is disabled for selection during the client setup
Description: “Add Timekeeper Rates” button is enabled to allow the users to add timekeeper rates only if rate collaboration is enabled for the client and at least one timekeeper is selected
Tracking Code: COLL-17508

Timekeepers with Rates - Manual Timekeeper Creation Wizard

Enhancement: Create New Timekeeper with Rate Submission manually
Description: This enhancement allows the users to manually create timekeeper and submit rates for approval in a single workflow. Login to Collaborati > Timekeepers > Timekeepers with Rates to create a new timekeeper and submit the rates manually.
Here is the workflow to create new timekeeper with rates in Collaborati:

Step 1: Basic Timekeeper Information (Provide Timekeeper email address, home office and select its associated office for authorization)
Step 2: Timekeeper details ( Provide mandatory information like First Name, Last Name, Display Code, Timekeeper ID, Classification, clients)
Step 3 : Timekeeper Rates (Add the rates. Office, Client, Rate type, Rate are mandatory field to add the rate item)
Step 4: Review and Submit (Review the information provided on the preview screen and submit to client for authorization)
For more information, refer to Create Timekeeper with Rates Manually.

Tracking Code: COLL-15688, COLL-17442

Enhancement: Display warning message when Rate Collaboration is turned off 
Description: If Rate Collaboration is off for some of the selected clients while creating a new timekeeper with rates wizard will display a warning message “ Rate collaboration is turned off for some of the selected client(s) or for all client(s)”. “Add Timekeeper Rates” button will be disabled if the rate collaboration is disabled.
Tracking Code: COLL-17218

Enhancement: Validation message when user tries to remove Client/Office that has an associated rate item
Description: You are trying to uncheck an Office/Client that has an existing rate item(s). Remove the existing rate item(s) to uncheck the Office/Client.” is displayed when the user tries to remove the Client/Office that has an associated rate item.
Additional Information: Users can unselect the Office or Client once the rate item is deleted. Users can add more Offices/Clients and uncheck the Offices/Clients that do not have any associated rate item.
Tracking Code: COLL-16927

Timekeepers with Rates - Bulk Upload Timekeeper with Rates Wizard

Enhancement: New Wizard - Bulk Upload Timekeeper with Rates 
Description: Users have the ability to bulk upload the timekeeper information and rates with the help of .csv files provided. The sample .csv files used are sample timekeepers 4.0 and sample rates 1.0
Here is the workflow to bulk upload timekeepers with rates in Collaborati:

Step 1 : Upload Timekeeper information, and select the Clients and its associated offices
Step 2: Upload Rates 
Step 3 : Review and Submit (Review the Timekeeper and Rates information on the preview screen and submit to client for authorization)
For more information, refer to Upload Timekeepers with Rates.

Additional Information: An error preview screen is displayed if there are any errors in the uploaded information.
Tracking Code: COLL-15689, COLL-17443

Enhancement: Update Timekeepers sample file.csv file to include additional new timekeeper fields
Description: Add additional new timekeeper fields in .csv file used for bulk upload of timekeeper information and renamed the zip file to Sample Timekeepers 4.0 file. 
Tracking Code: COLL-16527

Enhancement: Warning message while navigating to previous step
Description: Navigating back to the previous step will remove any assigned timekeepers or added rates. A warning message is displayed for user confirmation.
Tracking Code: COLL-17782

Bug Fixes

Issue: Collaborati > If there are 100s of invoices backed up in Collaborati, CSM sync processes very few invoices during each sync.
Tracking Code: COLL-17063

Issue: Firm User List of names does not sort as expected
Tracking Code: COLL-17170

Issue: Office Settings updates cause Internal Billing Codes column to disappear
Tracking Code: COLL-17064

Issue: Office reassignment throws an error after Multi-Office Firm automated updates
Tracking Code: COLL-13454

Known Issues

Issue: Timekeeper Rates are not displayed on the Timekeeper Rates Page when the Office filter is set to a specific Office on TK+Rates Landing Page.
Workaround: When ‘All Offices’ is selected on TK+Rates Landing Page , rates are displayed on the Timekeeper Rates Page.
Tracking Code: COLL-18143

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