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Collaborati 4.4.1 Release Notes

Timekeepers with Rates - Bulk Upload Timekeeper

Enhancement: TK Bulk Upload process update - 3 step wizard to become 2 steps - Remove Step 2 and add Client selection to Step 1

Description: Implemented the below changes by simplifying the TK Bulk Upload process from 3 steps to 2 steps from the wizard:

  1. On the first page - step 1, for user interactions introduced the below option:
  • Clients:  
    • added Multi-select checkboxes with the associated clients list.
    • Client list is dynamic based on the Office selected. Displays the list of clients associated with the selected offices.
  1. When selected upload type Upload Timekeeper Data Only the following functionality applies:
  • The Offices checkboxes are disabled and grayed out.
  • If no offices are selected, the Clients list is disabled and grayed out/unchecked.
  • Marked Office and Clients as non-mandatory in UI.
  • Display validations message when users click on the “Next” button.
  • If there aren’t any file errors and a file has been uploaded, the user navigates to (step 2) Review and Submit on clicking “Next”.
  • On the Review and Submit page, the timekeeper status displays all the updated timekeepers and displays a validation message.
  1. When upload type New Timekeeper Submission or Overwrite existing timekeeper profiles the following functionality applies:
  • When a user selects or unselects an Office, displays the associated clients dynamically. When no Office is selected, no client is displayed.
  • After uploading the file for selected clients and offices and no file errors, the file is validated and the user navigates to the last page (Step-2) Review and Submit.
  • On the Review and Submit page, the timekeepers from the file are displayed with the timekeeper’s status.

UI Updates:

The Done button is renamed as Submit, and replaces the word “done” to “submit” in the instruction “To upload a different file, click "Back". If there aren't any errors or required changes, click "Done" to save this information. 
Tracking Code: COLL-18636


Enhancement: (Step 3) Bulk Update of Timekeeper data only - no client office associations needed

Description: To update timekeeper record data in Collaborati without associating the authorized Clients and Offices, the following changes are implemented on the upload timekeepers page

  • No timekeeper records are created on step 2 review and Submit.
  • Displays an error message, No matching timekeeper found if a timekeeper in the file does not exist. 
  • No validation messages for Offices or clients.
  • System displays an error message for using a client-specific profile, “No update - Client Timekeeper profile.” 
  • Displays Already Exists: Update for updated timekeepers.

Tracking Code: COLL-18215

Enhancement: Bulk Update of Timekeeper data only - no client office associations are needed 

Description: As a Firm Admin, need to export the list of current timekeepers in Collaborati, update additional fields in excel for the timekeepers, and then upload the newly edited spreadsheet back into Collaborati.

Implemented the below features to the Upload Timekeepers wizard on the Timekeepers page only and is not applied to the timekeeper bulk upload option in TK+Rates nor bulk upload TK's in Client/Office setup.

  • Added a New required setting Upload Type after File to Upload.
  • Added 3 options:
    • “New Timekeeper Submissions”
      • The default value is New TK submissions
  • “New Timekeeper Submissions & Overwrite existing profiles”
  • “Update Timekeeper data only”
    • The Users cannot select any of the Offices, when “Update Timekeeper data only” is selected. Offices option is grayed out and unchecked and the user cannot select any of the offices (grayed out or something similar)
    • Normal file upload process and validations
      • If “Update Timekeeper data only” is selected, when the user clicks “Next”, the system navigates to Step-3  “Review and Submit” and skips the second step - “Clients”.
      • If “Update Timekeeper data only” is selected no validations on the Offices are required in step 1.
  • Update the Bullet Point text on this page after the bullet on “Click ‘Choose’ File . .”
    • For submitting timekeepers - If timekeepers in your file already exist in the system you can select the "New Timekeeper Submissions & Overwrite existing timekeeper profiles" option to replace the profiles. Otherwise, choose “New Timekeeper Submissions”; the existing timekeeper profiles remain unchanged.
    • For only updating the data on timekeeper records: to update existing timekeeper records in the system and not submit ANY timekeepers to clients, select “Update Timekeeper data only” which does not allow for bulk update of client-specific timekeeper profiles. Only the general timekeeper record in Collaborati is updated with this upload type.
  • UI is updated on Timekeeper Bulk Upload and displays 10 rows (same as TK+Rates Timekeeper upload view) on the Office selection box.
  • Clicking Next processes, the file and all validations happen at this point.
    • In step 3, if no matching timekeeper is found, the system displays a line item error, “No matching timekeeper found”.
  • If batch upload timekeepers setting is enabled by admins, the user is navigated to a different page for bulk TK upload.
  • No validations are applicable for Offices or clients except that the value in the home office field is valid.
  • Updated Timekeeper Data only is for general TK profile, and not for client-specific.
    • System displays an error message for using a client-specific profile, “No update - Client Timekeeper profile”. 

Tracking Code: COLL-18173


Enhancement: Update LEDES XML Parser to Ignore Doctype Tags to Avoid XML External Entity Processing 


  • To validate the formatting issues, a user is provided to access the LEDES validation tool from the INVOICES menu in Collaborati.  From the menu, Invoices >> LEDES Validation Tool.
  • In the Upload LEDES file page, File to Upload is modified to Bold and made mandatory by adding an asterisk mark ‘*’.
  • The XML validation tool validates the LEDES formats based on the version 2.0 and 2.1.  Upload the file (until all the errors in the file are resolved) and select either of the LEDES format radio buttons LEDES XML v2 or LEDES XML v2.1.
  • Displays error(s) with line numbers in the below preview area in xml code marked in red and warnings in yellow color.

Tracking Code: COLL-16168

Bug Fixes

Issue: TK+RATES Bulk Upload: Issue with navigation on Step 3 while creating timekeepers of certain statuses 
Description: The issue has been resolved and the user is able to navigate from TK Rates page on Step 3.
Tracking Code: COLL-18481

Issue: Bulk upload Timekeepers: Validation message for TK submission not displayed after submitting Timekeepers with certain statuses 
Description: The issue has been resolved and displays validation message for TK submission by adding the TK statuses like New Record (or) Upload exists update (or) New record for some selected offices. 
Tracking Code: COLL-18482

Issue: Pending Timekeepers notification in TeamConnect, even though there are no Timekeepers awaiting Authorization in Collaborati
Description: The issue has been resolved and no pending Timekeepers notification is displayed in TeamConnect.
Tracking Code: COLL-18186

Issue: LEDES XML Validations on format errors
Description: The issue has been resolved by adding the code to include the validator for the LEDES XML Validations on format errors.
Tracking Code: COLL-16469

Issue: If there are invoices in Collaborati tied to NON-US Tax codes and if the client tries to unauthorize the codes, CSM sync breaks.
Description: The issue has been resolved by synchronizing the CSM for the invoices in Collaborati tied to NON-US Tax codes by updating a rate request with multiple items.
Tracking Code: COLL-17616

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