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Collaborati 3.4 Release Notes

This document details the upgrade information, resolved issues, and known issues that are included in Collaborati 3.4. Collaborati 3.4 primarily focuses on enhancements regarding the new Firm Administrator role, Office locations, and client-specific timekeepers.

System Requirements

Collaborati 3.4 is compatible with the following products:

  • All versions of TeamConnect and CSM
  • Lawtrac 4.1 (and later 4.x releases)
  • LawManager 6.5
  • eCounsel 8.10 and later 8.x releases

Changes and Enhancements

The following items are changes or enhancements built into Collaborati 3.4. 


Enhancement: Firms and vendors who already track multiple vendor offices with different sets of account credentials can now merge their multiple accounts, including login credentials and timekeepers, without having to re-enter all the data manually. These new office accounts allow firms to quickly view invoices for each of their respective locations by selecting the office from a drop-down menu. For more information, visit How Do Office Accounts Function?
Tracking Code: COLL-4037


Enhancement: When offices are merged into a consolidated login, timekeepers who were active in more than one office could have duplicate timekeeper entries. You can merge these duplicate timekeepers into a single timekeeper. For more information, visit How Do I Merge Timekeepers?
Tracking Code: COLL-4037


Enhancement: A set of client-specific timekeepers can now be uploaded to the system using a .CSV file. For instructions, visit How do I upload multiple timekeepers?
Tracking Code: COLL-4037


Enhancement: Vendor accounts can be migrated to firm accounts, and the migrated vendor accounts inherit the settings of the firm.
Tracking Code: COLL-2668 and COLL-3206


Issue Resolutions

The following issue was resolved in Collaborati 3.4.


Issue: When a Vendor Admin submitted an invoice with a flat discount greater than 999, the system returned an error and the discount was not saved.
Tracking Code: COLL-5277