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Upload Multiple Timekeepers

You can upload multiple Timekeepers by clicking the Upload Timekeepers link on the Timekeepers tab.

You can save time by manually creating and uploading new timekeeper information in an Excel .csv file or text .txt file or use one of the provided sample files.

Files contain headings that represent the fields on the Timekeeper Profile page. Under each heading, you can enter specific information for multiple timekeepers, and then upload this file to create an individual profile page.

Manually created files

You can use an Excel spreadsheet (saved as .csv format) or a text file (.txt) to create a file that you can use to upload information for multiple Timekeepers.

Sample files

You can access the timekeeper 3.0.csv sample file on the Upload Timekeepers page. Sample files contain all of the appropriate field headings. Simply replace the required and additional Timekeeper information.

The following image displays a sample Excel .csv file that uploads 3 timekeepers:


Timekeeper Sample File

The timekeeper 3.0.csv sample file contains all basic and required field headings as follows:

Note: Headings listed with an asterisk (*) are required. Please note the maximum character limitations for each field. If you exceed these limitations, an upload error occurs. Fields that do not list a limitation do not have one, but there may be a limitation in the user interface once the information is uploaded.

For a full breakdown on how to format your Timekeeper file, please click here.

  • *displaycode
  • *classification—Enter the two-letter symbol for each classification:
    • Partner—PT
    • Associate—AS
    • Of Counsel—OC
    • Legal Assistant—LA
    • Other Timekeeper—OT
  • *email
  • *firstName
  • middleName
  • *lastName
  • homeOffice
    • Home Offices that are uploaded via .csv will be checked by default on the Timekeeper profile page. See this page to learn how to edit this information. 
    • Home Office can be blank.
    • If a bad value is input into this field, an error message will be thrown.
  • phone
  • *officeTimekeeperId
  • salutation—15 characters maximum
  • suffix—15 characters maximum
  • permittedToPracticeYear—4 digits. Minimum value of 1900. Enter a value in this field only if you enter a PT, AS, or OC in the classification field.
  • primaryExpertise—40 characters maximum. Select an option from the Primary Expertise drop-down on the Timekeeper Profile page, and enter it exactly as it appears.
  • secondaryExpertise—40 characters maximum. Select an option from the Secondary Expertise drop-down on the Timekeeper Profile page, and enter it exactly as it appears.
  • clerkships—40 characters maximum
  • city—40 characters maximum
  • state—40 characters maximum. Select an option from the State/Province drop-down on the Timekeeper Profile page, and enter it exactly as it appears.
  • postalCode—20 characters maximum
  • country—50 characters maximum. Enter a valid two-letter country code.
  • mobilePhone—20 characters maximum
  • fax—20 characters maximum
  • licensedToPracticeLawIn—Use commas to separate states/countries. Select an option from the Licensed To Practice Law In drop-down on the Timekeeper Profile page, and enter it exactly as it appears.
  • languagesSpoken—Use commas to separate languages. Select an option from the Languages Spoken drop-down on the Timekeeper Profile page, and enter it exactly as it appears.
  • firstYearinCurrentCategory—4 digits. Minimum value of 1930. Only enter a value in this field if the classification field has PT, AS, or OC.
  • clientcode—Would match the Client Code (Internal Client Code) for the client ; only used when there is a need for a client specific timekeeper, otherwise, leave this field blank (click here for more information about Client Specific Timekeepers)

To download sample files

  1. Click the Timekeepers tab.
  2. Click Upload Timekeepers.
  3. Click Download Sample Timekeepers File.
  4. On the dialog, select an option to access the .zip file that contains the sample files.
  5. Extract the appropriate file and complete the Timekeeper information.
  6. Save the sample file as a .csv or .txt file.

Once the file is complete and saved, you can upload it to the Timekeeper Profile page.

To upload timekeepers

  1. From the Timekeepers tab, select Upload timekeepers.
  2. Select one of the following options:
  • To upload an existing file, click Choose File and select the appropriate file. If you are updating existing timekeepers, select the Overwrite existing timekeeper profiles checkbox.
  • To use a sample .csv file, click Download Sample Timekeepers File. Open the appropriate zip file and enter the information for all Timekeepers. Save the file, and then return to the Upload Timekeepers screen. Click Choose File to locate and select the file.
    Note: To distinguish a client-specific timekeeper profile from a regular timekeeper profile, you must populate the clientCode column in the sample .csv file that was downloaded.
  1. Specify the Office you want to assign to these timekeepers by selecting the appropriate checkbox in the Office box. Timekeepers can be assigned to multiple offices at once from this screen. Click Next.
  2. If you are uploading client-specific timekeeper profiles and populated the clientCode column in the sample .csv file, select the appropriate clients from the Clients list and click Next.
  3. The file is checked for errors and duplicates and a preview screen opens.
    Note: If you see a "Data Access Failure" message after you click Next, a timekeeper has been assigned multiple times to a client, instead of once. Review your file to look for this scenario.
  4. Review the preview screen. Use the Status column to review the validity of each entry as follows:
  • New Record—The Timekeeper information is valid and will be uploaded without errors
  • Already Exists—A timekeeper with this ID already exists and any changes will be added to the existing record
    Note: The existing records are updated with new information if the Overwrite existing timekeeper profiles check-box is selected on the previous screen.
  • Error: Incomplete—Required timekeeper information is missing. These timekeepers will not be added to the system. You can go back to your file and correct these errors, and then upload again.

Note: If you receive an error stating that the timekeeper upload file does not comply to the Collaborati Timekeeper upload format specification, check the timekeeper file for format issues and upload again.

  1. After verifying the information, click Done to add the Timekeeper(s).

Individual Timekeeper Profile pages are created or updated based on the information in the upload file.