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Edit Timekeeper Information

Step by step guide on how to Edit a Timekeeper.  Article includes helpful screen shots. Includes information about Missing Home Office message.

If you need to edit your timekeeper's information in Collaborati, here are the steps you can follow.

Note: This functionality will also work for existing Timekeepers, not just for newly added Timekeepers.  

Edit Timekeeper Profile

  1. Click on the Timekeepers in the top menu bar and click on the Name of the Timekeeper you want to edit. 
  2. You will now be on your Timekeeper Profile page. Any changes to the Timekeeper details that need to be made can be done here. 

TK profle.jpg



  • Based on the Enable Expanded Timekeeper classifications settings for the selected client the timekeeper classifications dropdown will be displayed dynamically.
  • A warning message will appear on timekeeper editing page if any classification value is selected and Authorized for invoicing setting is set to No as follows
    • Warning: <Client Names in bold> does not allow <Classification in bold> to Invoice.

Missing Home Office

(NOTE: For offices that are part of the Firm structure)

Office Accounts are created by Collaborati Support and they are used to manage Firms with multiple locations.

You may see a message in the Home Office Column "Missing Home Office", on the Timekeepers page.  Note that the Home Office might be required when you will be making any changes to the timekeeper's profile (but if you don't make any changes at the time, you can update the field later).

To resolve the message "Missing Home Office", you will need to edit the Timekeeper's Home Office (see below).

TIP: If you need to edit any or all of the timekeepers and add the "Home Office", see how to Update Timekeeper data only for more information.

Edit a Timekeeper's Home Office

To select the Timekeeper's Home Office, click on the Name of the Timekeeper you want to edit, select the "Home Office" drop-down on the top right of the page, choose an office, and click "Save".


For Firms with Multiple Offices ONLY

You can authorize or remove a Timekeeper from an office by navigating to the "Offices" tab on the far left side of the Timekeeper Profile page,and then check or un-check the offices as needed. Even if an office is unchecked and saved, the office will not disappear from the list. A firm administrator can log back in and re-select an office that has been unchecked. 

Additionally, if an office is removed from the Offices page, it will not appear in the Home Office drop-down menu found on the main Edit Timekeeper Profile page. An error will occur if no offices are selected and if the firm admin attempts to remove the Home Office and save.



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