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View a Summary of Timekeepers

View Timekeepers

You can view a list of timekeepers by selecting the Timekeepers tab. This list includes all timekeepers who have been added to Collaborati and are available for associating with your clients.

  • You can search by any of these fields:
    • Name—Enter the timekeeper's first or last name, if known.
    • Display Code—Enter the timekeeper's Display Code, if known.
    • Client Name—Select the client that the timekeeper is associated with, if known.
    • Classification—Select the timekeeper's Classification, if known.
    • Phone—Enter the timekeeper's phone number, if available

From the Timekeepers screen, you can do the following:

Export All Timekeeper Details

To export a list of all the Timekeepers, click the link Export All Timekeeper Details.  This will export a list of all timekeeper records to CSV. Options are provided to export additional columns for 'Associated Clients' and/or 'Associated Vendors':

  • Include Column with Associated Clients
  • Include Column with Associated Offices

The resulting data is based on the current search filter.The output file is fully compatible with the Timekeeper Import file, making it easier for Firm Administrators to quickly filter for duplicate timekeepers, perform bulk edits, and easily re-upload the file. This feature includes the capability to export results beyond 1000 records.

For a full explanation of all exported fields, refer to The Timekeeper Upload File Explained in the Success Center

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