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View, Add, Modify, or Delete Individual Timekeepers

You can view, add, modify, or delete Timekeepers in Collaborati at any time. If you add, modify, or delete a Timekeeper record, your client automatically receives and stores the updated Timekeeper information (based on their CSM Settings).

To view Timekeeper settings

  1. Select the Timekeepers tab.
  2. Select the appropriate Timekeeper.
    The Timekeeper Profile page opens.

Note: The fields that are visible are based on your rights and settings, so you may not see all of the fields listed below. Fields marked with an asterisk are required fields.

Section 1

  • *Email—The Timekeeper's email address.
  • Salutation—The Timekeeper's preferred salutation, such as Mr., Ms., or Mrs., if applicable.
  • *First Name—The Timekeeper's first name.
  • Middle Name—The Timekeeper's middle name.
  • *Last Name—The Timekeeper's last name.
  • Suffix—The Timekeeper's preferred suffix, such as Jr., Sr., or Ph.D.
  • Phone—The Timekeeper's phone number.
  • Mobile Phone—The Timekeeper's mobile phone number.
  • Fax—The Timekeeper's fax number.

Note: The Phone, Mobile Phone, and Fax fields must have separate contact numbers

Section 2

  • Account Status—The Timekeeper's status. Options are Active or Inactive.
  • *Display Code—The Timekeeper's unique code that is displayed on the invoice line items. The display code has a limit of 8 characters.
  • *Timekeeper ID—The Timekeeper ID.
  • *Classification—The Timekeeper's title.
  • First Year in Current Category—The year that the Timekeeper received the selected Classification. This field does not appear if Classification is Legal Assistant or Other Timekeeper.
  • Permitted to Practice Year—The year that the Timekeeper began practicing law.
  • Primary Expertise—The Timekeeper's primary area of expertise.
  • Secondary Expertise—The Timekeeper's secondary area of expertise.
  • Clerkships—The Timekeeper's judicial clerkships.
  • Licensed to Practice Law In—The states, countries, and jurisdictions where the Timekeeper is licensed to practice law.
  • Languages Spoken—The languages the Timekeeper speaks.

Note: For Licensed to Practice Law In and Languages Spoken, click add_green.png to add additional entries. Click delete_timekeeper.png to delete an entry. To delete an entry that does not have the delete_timekeeper.png, you must the entries with the delete_timekeeper.png first.

Section 3

  • City—The Timekeeper's current city.
  • State/Province—The Timekeeper's current State or Province.
  • Post Code—The Timekeeper's Zip Code or Post Code.
  • Country—The Timekeeper's country.
  • Clients—The Timekeeper's assigned client.

To add an individual Timekeeper

  1. Select the Timekeepers tab.

The Timekeeper List screen opens.

  1. Click Add Timekeeper.

The Add Timekeeper screen opens.

  1. Enter the new timekeeper's email address in the Email field.

Note: This is a required field that is used to uniquely identify your timekeeper in Collaborati.

  1. Click Next.

The Timekeeper Profile screen opens.

  1. Complete the following required fields:
  • Email—This field should already be populated with the timekeeper's email address.
  • First Name—Enter the timekeeper's first name.
  • Last Name—Enter the timekeeper's last name.
  • Display Code—Enter the timekeeper's display code, a unique code that is displayed on the invoice line items. The display code has a limit of eight characters.
  • Timekeeper ID—Enter a timekeeper ID.
  • Classification—Select the timekeeper's classification.
  1. Complete additional fields as necessary.
  2. Click Save.

If you want to add multiple timekeepers at one time, see How do I upload multiple timekeepers?

To modify or inactivate a Timekeeper record

  1. Find and click on the name of the Timekeeper you want to modify.
    The Timekeeper Profile screen opens.
  2. Modify the Timekeeper profile as needed.
  3. To inactivate a Timekeeper, select Inactivate in the Account Status field.
  4. Click Save.

To delete a Timekeeper record

Note: You cannot delete a timekeeper who is associated with an invoice or a rate.

  1. Find and click on the name of the Timekeeper you want to delete from the list of timekeepers. The Timekeeper Profile screen opens for that Timekeeper.
  2. Click Delete Timekeeper.
  3. Click OK in the confirmation dialog.
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