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Client-Specific Timekeeper Profiles

Client-specific timekeepers were added to Collaborati as of Collaborati 3.3. These client-specific timekeeper records exist on the main timekeeper record, and provide a mechanism to show different content per field depending on the client viewing the timekeeper.

In effect, these profiles can be used to simulate custom field functionality by utilizing the fields on a case-by-case basis. For example, as the fields in Collaborati cannot be changed, a client might need the "Clerkships" field to house a unique alphabetic timekeeper ID. With client-specific timekeeper profiles, a Firm Administrator can link a profile to that client and fill in the Clerkships field accordingly without needing to create duplicate records or interfering with other clients who do not need to change Clerkships to function as alphabetic timekeeper ID. 

Client Specific Timekeeper information is viewable by following these steps: 

  • Clicking on "Timekeepers" in the top menu bar
  • Clicking on the name of a timekeeper 
  • Find the Client Timekeeper Profile towards the bottom of the page


After creating a client timekeeper profile, users can able to edit the client timekeeper profile to add expanded timekeeper classifications added to the timekeeper classifications. Based on the Enable Expanded Timekeeper classifications and Authorize Invoice settings for the selected client the timekeeper classifications dropdown will be displayed dynamically.

Note: When a timekeeper's profile is deleted without expanded timekeeper classifications enabled, an error message will appear, as follows:
    Cannot delete a Client Timekeeper for a Client that doesn’t support the Expanded Classification on the general Timekeeper profile of Paralegal, Clerk/Secretary, Legal     Professional, or Legal Intern.”

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