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Assign Existing Timekeepers to a New Client

You can assign timekeepers that have already been created in Collaborati to new clients using the following procedure:

  1. From anywhere in the Collaborati application, click on the Clients in the top menu bar.
  2. Click on the client's name.
  3. Click the third icon from the top on the left navigation menu ("Timekeepers")
  4. The Client's > Timekeepers screen displays. This list includes all Timekeepers in Collaborati.
  5. Click "Select Office" to choose the correct Office from the dropdown menu. 
  6. For each Timekeeper you would like to assign to this client, select the associated Assign check-box next to the Timekeeper.  The page will automatically save any changes.

The Timekeeper is now associated with the client. 

Note: If you are part of the Firm Structure, there is a warning message:  Assigning or unassigning a timekeeper for a client affects all offices that the timekeeper is directly associated with.

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