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Overview of Office Accounts

New Collaborati accounts (as of Collaborati 3.3) are able to use Office accounts to manage firms with multiple locations. These Office accounts remove the need for managing multiple logins as done previously in Collaborati. Firm Administrators can leverage these account types to quickly view and organize their e-Billing with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Office accounts are created by Collaborati Support. After creating the office accounts and assigning them to a "Firm", the respective Firm Administrator can view these offices on their Firm Profile page accessed from the Admin tab. The Offices will then be available to organize your e-Billing without the need for additional logins per location.

Office overview.jpg

Best Practices for Using Offices

Each office should have a unique name. Having a unique name will avoid confusion when creating Rate Requests.

  • Using capital letters
  • Using punctuation
  • Using parentheses to specify the city/country

Examples: "Austin Law Firm" with unique names

  • Austin Law Firm
  • Austin Law, Firm 
  • Austin Law Firm (Dallas)

Additionally, if there is a particular office that you want to appear at the top of the drop-down list, you can add a number, before the name of the Office. If there is a space before the name of the office, that can affect the order of the drop-down list.

For example:

  • 1Austin Law Firm

Another example:

  •  Austin Law Firm (this one has a space at the beginning)