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How to Change an I-9 from Network Alliance to the Employer Appoint Workflow

This shows how an I-9 manager can change a Form I-9 in the Network Alliance workflow to the remote Employer Appoint workflow and assign an Employer representative.


An I-9 in the Network Alliance can be changed to the remote Employer Appoint workflow.  This can only be done if there is not currently a Network Alliance appointment scheduled for the Form I-9 record.  To cancel a Network Alliance appointment please see our How to Cancel a Network Alliance Appointment guide

Change Network Alliance I-9 to the remote Employer Appoint Workflow.

  1. Navigate to the Form I-9 and click on the I-9 Administrative Options menu on the Network Alliance Remote I-9 tab.


  1. Select "Stop or Reject Network Alliance Form I-9".
  2. Select "Stop Remote Access Workflow" and confirm once.
    • DO NOT select "Stop Remote Access Workflow" and confirm a second time after the I-9 has changed to Employer Appoint workflow unless you do not wish Section 2 to be completed remotely.  If you stop the Employer Appoint workflow the i-9 will not longer be in a remote workflow and you will not be able to have Section 2 completed remotely.
    • NetworkAlliance_Stop&ChangeToEmployerAppoint_MenuOnly.jpgNetworkAlliance_Stop&ChangeToEmployerAppoint_Confirm.JPG
  3. You may now assign the remote Employer Representative.
  4. Click on the I-9 Administrative Options menu on the Remote I-9 tab.
  5. Select "Update Employer Representative" and confirm.
  6. Enter the Information for the remote Employer Representative and Continue.
  7. You're done and the system will send the Remote Section 2 email to the email address provided for the remote Employer Representative.