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Approving an Invoice

If your System Administrator has activated the invoice approver timeout feature, you must indicate your approval of an invoice within the specified number of days. After the time has expired, the invoice will be passed to the next approver and “Timed-out” will be placed by your name in the Approvals area on the Invoices Summary page.

Also note the following:

  • If the System Administrator has activated the verify approver feature, an attempt will be made to match the logon ID of the current user to that of the approver. If there is no match, an error message will display.
  • The Received Date and the Approved Date text boxes are automatically populated with the system date, but can be changed.
  • If invoice logical group is enabled and a user who does not have access to a matter is explicitly assigned to approve an invoice for that matter, the Approver E-mail Notification task will send the user an e-mail from which he/she can access and approve the invoice. However, the invoice will display “Restricted Data” in areas that pertain to the matter.

To Approve Multiple Invoices:

  1. Open the Invoices module.
  2. On the Invoices List page, click the Invoices Awaiting My Approval filter, and click the Find button.
  3. Select the checkbox(es) of the invoices to be approved.

image The image icon next to an invoice indicates warnings are associated with the invoice.

  1. Click the image Approve button.

Optionally, to review a summary of the invoice, double-click on an invoice in Step 3. A new browser window will open to the Invoices Summary page for that invoice. Review the invoice, then click the image Approve button if needed. Close the browser window. The Invoices Awaiting My Approval filter on the Invoices List page will remain open to select the next invoice to approve.

To Approve a Single Invoice:

  1. If the invoice record appears on your home page in the Invoices Awaiting My Approval widget, click the entry link to open the record. If the invoice record is not on your list, open the Invoices module. Click the record to open it.
  2. If the Invoices Summary page doesn’t open automatically, click the Summary tab.
  3. Click image Approve. If you have not been designated as an approver or the invoice is not in your queue to approve, you will not see the image Approve button.
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