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Home Page

Suite applications offer a home page for quick access to frequently opened records and reports, a list of pending appointments and tasks, pending invoices, and company-wide messages. The look-and-feel of the home page is customizable by user based on settings configured by your System Administrator. 

If your site has implemented home page templates via Suite Manager, you may not have the ability to customize the home page by adding widgets and/or tabs. See your system administrator for more information.

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The left panel on the home page contains any bookmarks that you have set to access records and features quickly and easily. 

Message of the Day

An announcement that displays on the home page of all users. It can be used as a reminder of important events, to distribute system-wide information, or as a daily greeting.

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The right panel contains widgets that you can customize to search for information such as the most recently accessed people or entities. Options for personalizing the home page are accessed by clicking Personalize home page at the top of the home page.

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