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Configuring Restricted Entity Edits

The Restricted Entity Edits feature within Secretariat restricts the ability for certain users/groups from making changes to records in the Entities modules. Although these users can add or modify entities, the data changes are not committed to the database until an approver verifies the data changes. In this manner, all edits made in the Entities module by Restricted Entity Edits users are pending approval. After being approved, the changes will be made in the database and will be reflected in the product.

Restricted Entity Edits only apply to the Entities module in Secretariat. A Restricted Entity Edits user will be able to make edits to other modules as long as he/she is not restricted through a view profile or security attribute profile.

To Configure Restricted Entity Edits:

  1. Import the Edit Rights Provider service provider definition using the elobby_limiteditrights_import_template.xml file provided in the XML directory on the Suite installation media.
  2. Configure the Edit Rights Provider service provider to send notifications of edits needing approval.
  3. Schedule the Edit Rights Provider service provider to send alerts periodically.
  4. Configure an approver.
  5. Configure a restricted user.
  6. Optionally, configure restricted and/or approval groups.

Failing to configure a user to approve edits and configuring that user with e-mail and/or Lobby notices may cause edits that are “orphaned” (edits without the ability to approve or reject). Make sure that an approver is configured to be notified at all times of any edits.

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