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Configuring WorldView

If WorldView is enabled, users must be assigned to at least one WorldView site in order to login to Secretariat. If a user is not assigned to any WorldView sites, an error message will appear with instructions to see the System Administrator.

Entities are assigned to a WorldView site at the time the record is entered in Suite and can only be changed with appropriate access rights. Additionally, entities entered before WorldView is activated will be assigned to the Entity Common Group. These entities can only be reassigned by a user with the appropriate access rights.

To Configure WorldView:

  1. Enable WorldView.
  2. Create WorldView sites.
  3. Create WorldView site profiles in the Security Attribute Profiles component.

WorldView settings take precedence over those set by security attribute profiles. In other words, if a user is assigned to a security attribute profile that has been given access to a record, but that record is assigned to a WorldView site to which the user has not been assigned, then the user will not be able to access the record.

  1. Assign access to the WorldView sites.
  2. Create users and user groups.
  3. Assign the WorldView Site security attribute profiles to users/groups.
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