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Enabling Home Page Templates

Once the home page template functionality is enabled, you can associate template users with any or all user groups, meaning that the tabs and widgets on that user’s home page will be propagated to all other users in the group unless a user in the group has the Home Page Template Override security attribute set to Allow.

Once a template user has been mapped to a group, you can order the group on the window to indicate which group takes precedence over other groups when applying the home page template. For example, if a user is a member of two different groups, the home page template for the group that is highest on the list will be applied to that user’s home page.

To Enable Home Page Templates:

  1. Open Suite Manager.
  2. On the Suite Manager control panel, click the icn_home_page_templates Home Page Templates component in the System Configuration area.
  3. On the Home Page Templates window, select the Enable Home Page Templates checkbox to activate the functionality.wn_home_page_templates_enable
  4. Click on a group, and click Edit. On the Associate Template User dialog box, type the name of a user whose home page will be copied to all other members of the selected group, and press the <Enter> key. Click on the user, and click the Select button.
  5. Repeat Step 4 for all user groups for which you want to specify a home page template user.
  6. Click Save.

To Specify the Order of Groups:

  1.  On the Home Page Templates window, click on a group.
  2. Click the Move Up or Move Down button to change the order of groups on the window.
  3. Continue reordering the groups as needed. The highest group on the list will always take precedence over other groups.
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