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Suite 8.11.0 SP14


Date Released


End of Support 

The following products will are no longer supported as of January 31, 2021:

  • SiteMinder authentication (contact Support for more information on SAML authentication)
    All SiteMinder settings have been removed from Suite Manager, and an optional database script has been provided to remove the settings from the database if needed.
    Tracking code: STE-22134
  • Bridgeway Link (contact Support for more information on Mitratech Office Link)
    The Bridgeway Link executable has been removed from the distribution files.
    Tracking code: STE-22137
  • Bridgeway Calendar Link (contact Support for more information on Mitratech Office Link) - All Calendar Link settings have been removed from Suite Manager. An optional script is available if your site needs to remove the Calendar Link settings from the database.
    Tracking code: STE-22136
  • Bridgeway E-mail Link (contact Support for more information on Mitratech Office Link)
    All Bridgeway Email Link settings have been removed from Suite Manager, and an optional database script has been provided to remove the settings from the database if needed.
    Tracking code: STE-22135


Suite. has been certified with the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (Tracking code: STE-19114)
  • Apache Tomcat 9 (Tracking code: STE-19211)
  • Java Development Kit 11 (Tracking code: STE-19210)
  • Business Objects 4.2 SP9 (Tracking code: STE-23593)
  • Mitratech Document Vault - M-Files 21.6 (Tracking code: STE-23892)



  • User field descriptions are now restricted from being created with characters including the less than (<), greater than (>) and double colon (::). Also, subscript characters and some Greek characters are included in this restriction.
    Tracking code: STE-22403

Quick Reference to Enable this Feature: 

  • A new setting called "Rules Administration" has been added to the General settings of System Settings in Suite Manager to allow rule property and utility files to be uploaded to the data root via a new Rules Engine Administration tab on the Tools menu in eCounsel or Secretariat. The new option in Tools only appears for users who have been granted the Rules Engine Administration security setting in Suite Manager.
    Tracking code: STE-18166

Quick Reference to Enable this Feature: See Specifying Rules Administration within eCounsel/Secretariat for information about enabling this feature. See Tools Page in eCounsel or Tools Page in Secretariat for more information about uploading rule files.


  •  The New Matter Wizard Configuration Tool has been rewritten to be accessible from the Tools menu. Tracking code: STE-22065, STE-22138, STE-22613, STE-22814, STE-22851, STE-23176, STE-23380, STE23554, STE-23648, STE-23807, STE-24258, STE-24054
    • Note: The new New Matter Wizard doesn’t work with IE11.
  • A new feature has been added to import accruals via a comma-separated variable (CSV) file. When accrual notifications are sent from eCounsel, each vendor will receive a CSV file attachment to the notification email that contains a list of matters for which accruals are being requested. The vendor can then enter the accrual amounts for each matter and return the CSV file to the client, who can then execute the Accrual File Import wizard to import this information into eCounsel. This new workflow is activated by toggling the Enable Accrual file import checkbox to checked in Suite Manager. The default when Service Pack 14 is installed is that the checkbox is unchecked, the CSV file is NOT attached to the email, and the wizard is NOT available. Note that within the CSV file, leading zeros are preserved in the database so that "001" and "01" are different values.
    Tracking code:  STE-22458, STE-22459, STE-22482, STE-22568, STE-22460. STE-22461, STE-22462, STE-22463, STE-22841

Quick Reference to Enable this Feature: See Matter Accruals and Working with Accruals for more information.

  • For clients with a timekeeper integration using Corridor, the values for the job classification, currency, and billing methods fields in eCounsel are now synchronized with Corridor so that vendors submitting timekeepers can only use the job classifications, currencies, and billing methods that are correct for the client.
    Tracking code: STE-21139, STE-22268, STE-22269

Quick Reference to Enable this Feature: 

  • The Primary Legal Contact, Primary Client Contact, and Primary Vendor Contact can now be added as optional fields on the Matters List page. When added to the grid list, these fields are available by selecting the arrow to the right of the matter name.  Although the fields are searchable, you cannot sort on these fields.
    Tracking code: STE-23175, STE-23583

Quick Reference to Enable this Feature:  See Matters Pages and Dialog Boxes for more information.


Issue Resolutions

In addition to security updates, this service pack includes the following issue resolutions.

Suite Manager

  • On the Users tab of the Alert Profile Information dialog box when configuring an alert, selecting Select All and Deselct All now selects all the values in the System column. In addition, a display issue has been resolved so that all names are viewable.
    Tracking code: STE-22897


  • The new feature to add user fields to grid lists has been temporarily disabled using a new property in the file due to performance issues. This feature will be restored in a future release. In addition, a new button has been added to Suite Manager in the User Fields component to remove any user field preferences from all users preferences if anyone at your site has used the feature prior to it being disabled.
    Tracking code: STE-22654
  • When creating user fields, restrictions have been added for naming user fields with special characters beyond the typical keyboard characters. Exceptions include a double quotation mark (") and the less than and greater than symbols (<>), which cannot be used in the name of a user field.
    Tracking code: STE-22403
  • Any user field with an ampersand (&) in the name of the field no longer returns an error when accessing a module. In addition, any user field name that ends with a colon now returns data on the grid.
    Tracking code: STE-22324
  • Any user field name that begins with a numeric no longer returns an error when accessing a module.
    Tracking code: STE-22325
  • The Calendar tab and Outlook addin for Mitratech Office Link no longer offsets the time on a completed task for the individual time zone, since tasks are only completed for a specific date that does not include the time information.
    Tracking code: STE-22561
  • Standard eCounsel and Secretariat fields that contain numerics or special characters in the default label now can be re-labeled using view and matter type profiles.
    Tracking code: STE-22676
  • Parent-child lookups in eCounsel and Secretariat no longer are slow to populate the child lookup values after selecting the parent value. 
    Tracking code: STE-22688
  • Accessing the Office Link addin installers from the Tools menu, Preferences tab no longer returns an error if this functionality has been configured.
    Tracking code: STE-22707   
  • For Business Objects reporting integrations, resolved an issue with the proxy settings if a proxy is used to connect to the report server. 
    Tracking code: STE-21865
  • Parent-child lookups (such as Player Type and Role on the Player tab in the Matters module in eCounsel) no longer require two clicks to populate values in the child lookup.
    Tracking code: STE-23030
  • When using an Oracle database without a table qualifier, but using the owner schema as the login, the Advanced Search module now works as expected. .
    Tracking code: STE-21589
  • If the reminder time for a new task is populated by a user, the time is no longer reset to the current time.
    Tracking code: STE-22835
  • Special characters in a linked file name now open the file properly in the Chrome browser.
    Tracking code: STE-23071
  • After adding the Home page as a bookmark, clicking on the Home page bookmark no longer returns an invalid or missing token error.
    Tracking code: STE-18700
  • For Calendar appointments, the labels for Start Time and End Time have been changed to reflect the correct AM/PM format.
    Tracking code: STE-20417
  • For tasks on the calender, selecting Save with values for % Complete and Completed Date now saves the data.
    Tracking code: STE-23242
  • On the Contact Info dialog box, the entity name now displays properly in the title bar.
    Tracking code: STE-22142
  • When searching in Advanced Search with a condition that must be enclosed in parenthesis, the display of the condition has been fixed to show the closing parenthesis.
    Tracking code: STE-23469
  • For Analysis Center reports, the list of reports in the Analysis Center now displays the Last Modified date on the window.
    Tracking code: STE-23951
  • When adding a database to Suite’s database list now the SQL Server 2019 database is included.

     Tracking code: STE-24289 

  • For eCounsel and Secretariat the new UserField feature for Calendar module is restricted now.

     Tracking code: STE-22266


  • On the Matters List page, searching by a user field, then sorting by the Logical Group field now returns the data on the grid that matches the criteria.
    Tracking code: STE-22228
  • For the Accruals tab in the Matters module, searching by a user field no longer causes the values in the Vendor field to not appear.
    Tracking code: STE-22156
  • For date/time user fields in the eCounsel Entities module, searching with less than or greater than now returns the correct results.
    Tracking code:  STE-22263
  • On the Matters Player tab, searching for on the Player field, then sorting by any user field now returns the correct results.
    Tracking code: STE-22158
  • On the Invoices List page, the Matter field is now available to search on the grid list.
    Tracking code: STE-22169
  • Searching in the Calendar module or tab for a user field with "/A" in the name of the field now returns results.
    Tracking code:  STE-22323
  • Selecting the Save/New button on the Matter tab of an invoice now displays the page correctly.
    Tracking code:  STE-22148
  • Deleting a matter from the Related Matters tab in the Matters module, now removes the record from the related matter correctly.
    Tracking code:  STE-22154
  • For the New Matter Assignments filter on the Matters List page, searching using a user field, then sorting by a standard field now displays the correct records on the grid.
    Tracking code:  STE-22427
  • A section on the New Matter Wizard that includes a read-only field now can be skipped when creating a new matter.
    Tracking code:  STE-22363
  • For the Judge subtab on the Matters Dispute tab, values now appear for user fields added to the grid view.
    Tracking code:  STE-22322
  • On the Matters Budget tab, searching the grid list for any user field and then sorting by the Approved By field now returns the correct results.
    Tracking code:  STE-22321
  • For the Matters Dispute tab, selecting a Court/Forum now allows you to save the record.
    Tracking code:  STE-22454
  • The i-net version of the Invoice Recap report now runs successfully for the selected invoices when eCounsel is deployed on an Oracle database.
    Tracking code:  STE-22229
  • On the Entities Employees tab, searching numeric fields with the equals operator on Oracle database now returns the correct results.
    Tracking code:  STE-22130
  • On the Matter Dispute tab, the grid on the Entities Select dialog box when selecting a court or forum, now returns records when sorted by a user field.
    Tracking code:  STE-22320
  • For the Matter Reserves tab, searching by the Authorized By field (or any standard field), then sorting by a user field now returns the correct records.
    Tracking code:  STE-22265
  • Invoice approvers who have timed out on their approval window are now notified in eCounsel and/or Mitratech Office Link if they click the Approve button when timed out.
    Tracking code: STE-22605
  • For clients with a Corridor integration, invoices sometimes fail to import due to errors, but the invoice status is not updated in Corridor.
    Tracking code: STE-22660
  • The Invoices Awaiting My Approval filter on the Invoices module now allows sorting by the Vendor field.
    Tracking code: STE-22674
  • When searching invoice line items via Advanced Search, comments are now returned if more than 250 comments exist for a line item.
    Tracking code: STE-22607
  • For clients with a Collaborati integration, invoices with a service date range greater than 30 days and multiple line items are no longer causing invoice audit rules to trigger in error.
    Tracking code: STE-22829
  • For clients with a Corridor integration, matters can now be deleted without an error referring to Collaborati.
    Tracking code: STE-22899
  • The Invoice Routing Rule no longer adds the next level of approvers prior to all pre-approvers approving the invoice. In addition, the final approver on an invoice no longer times out.
    Tracking code: STE-21981
  • In the Invoices module, when exporting from the Invoices Awaiting My Approval grid, matter name now appears in the CSV file.
    Tracking code: STE-22892
  • For clients with a Corridor integration, additional error logging has been added to the Smart Invoice Web task.
    Tracking code: STE-22603
  • In the Options dialog box on the Matter Players tab, the Long Matter Name no longer repeats in the list of available columns for the grid list.
    Tracking code: STE-22901
  • On the Global Assign wizard Matter Selection screen, styling on the screen has been updated.
    Tracking code: STE-11620
  • For Matter disputes, selecting a Court/Forum when no players have been added to the matter the dialog box to add the court/forum to the matter as a player in the Chrome browser now opens.
    Tracking code: STE-22569
  • Matter names in eCounsel that end with a backslash (\) character no longer cause issues.
    Tracking code: STE-3076
  • An error is no longer returned when selecting Save/New after entering insurance claim information for a matter on the Insurance tab.
    Tracking code: STE-11165
  • Selecting the Reports button when viewing all records in the Cost Details subtab of the Cost tab for matters no longer returns an error.
    Tracking code: STE-18676
  • For Collaborati integrations, the Null Expense Code Smart Invoice audit rule has been updated to correct an issue with invoices being rejected incorrectly. 
    Tracking code: STE-22895
  • The following tabs in the Matters module no longer allow you to create blank records:
    Physical File

    Tracking code: STE-20545, STE-23251, STE-23252, STE-23253, STE-23254, STE-23255
  • When navigating from the Matters Cost Details subtab on the Cost tab, a "missing or invalid token session" no longer occurs.
    Tracking code: STE-23447
  • For Corridor integrations, the Timekeeper File Import Wizard can now upload files from Corridor that contain a vendor/law firm name with commas in the name.
    Tracking code: STE-23425
  • When the matter for an invoice is changed, eCounsel no longer assigns players with end dates in the past to invoice approvals and allocations.
    Tracking code: STE-23473
  • Selecting a single invoice from the Invoices Awaiting My Approval dynamic filter now correctly sends the invoice to a report instead of returning an error.
    Tracking code: STE-23412
  • For LegalHold integrations with eCounsel, the criteria to synchronize people matches people in both systems based on the email address. If a person record does not exist in LegalHold with the same email address, an error will be logged so that the person can be added to LegalHold. If a matching email address is found in LegalHold, the player in eCounsel will be added as legal staff to the hold in LegalHold. In addition, the matter description is now synchronizing from eCounsel into LegalHold.
    Tracking code: STE-23551
  • For LegalHold integrations with eCounsel, the Primary Internal Contact now synchronizes from eCounsel to LegalHold if there is a single Primary Internal Contact in eCounsel for the matter. If a person record with the same email address does not exist in LegalHold, an error will be logged. 
    Tracking code: STE-23625, STE-23675
  • For eCounsel integrations with LegalHold, when the primary legal contact for a matter is modified in eCounsel, the primary internal contact in LegalHold is now updated.
    Tracking code: STE-23719
  • The client JAR file for the LegalHold integration with eCounsel has been updated for the current version of LegalHold.
    Tracking code: STE-23637
  • Selecting the Jump button on the Matters Costs tab then selecting the Notes module no longer returns an operation failed error.
    Tracking code: STE-23779
  • When the Acrue Cost checkbox is selected via a database action (such as a rule triggering), the interface now displays the Accruals tab for the matter.
    Tracking code: STE-23760
  • For eCounsel clients with an integration to Mitratech Legal Hold, you can now deleted eCounsel players who are synchronized as legal staff in LegalHold.
    Tracking code: STE-23965
  • For eCounsel clients with an integration to Mitratech Legal Hold, creating a matter using a New Matter Wizard that includes players records no longer returns an error.
    Tracking code:  STE-23955
  • The matter number is no longer truncated when synchronizing data from eCounsel to Document Vault. Note that long strings in the matter number field may mean the matter name does not display on some screens of the M-Files client. This resolution includes optional scripts to be executed on the eCounsel database.
    Tracking code: STE-23231
  • The Primary Client Contact, Primary Vendor Contact, and Primary Legal Contact fields no longer appear duplicated when configuring a View Profile for the Matter Base Info in Suite Manager.
    Tracking code: STE-23638
  • Deleting agents from the Jurisdictions module no longer returns an error.
    Tracking code: STE-18679
  • In the Entities module, the message concerning former names has been corrected to no longer display spaces with "%20" encoding. 
    Tracking code: STE-22247
  • When searching the Notes/History/Charts tab in Secretariat, searching with an invalid date format no longer results in a "Page Expired" error.
    Tracking code: STE-16296
  • Creating a bookmark from a person's notes/history record no longer displays HTML characters in the bookmark name.
    Tracking code: STE-20508
  • When deleting an entity in Secretariat, the dependency information has been updated so that it is easier to determine what records need to be deleted prior to the entity deletion.
    Tracking code: STE-22737, STE-23505
  • When deleting an entity in Secretariat that has notes/history/charts records, an error is no longer displayed.
    Tracking code: STE-23723
  • When deleting a person in Secretariat that has notes/history/charts records, an error is no longer displayed.
    Tracking code: STE-23741
  • The pop-up dialog box for indicating an entity is a former name of another company no longer displays HTML encoding on the message when accessed from Secretariat with summary view disabled.
    Tracking code: STE-22834
  • Filters now work on the Timekeeper File Import Wizard.
    Tracking code: STE-23954
  • For the Invoices Awaiting My Approval dynamic filter in the Invoices module, the Matter Name values now appear when exporting the grid contents to a Comma-separated Values (CSV) file.
    Tracking code: STE-22892
  • The synchronization of matters available for vendors in Corridor to select when creating a manual invoice has been updated to account for the vendor identifier for the client being different than the tax identifier in eCounsel.
    Tracking code: STE-22830
  • When a matter is deleted in eCounsel, the matter is now removed from the vendor list of matters in Corridor for which manual invoices can be created.
    Tracking code: STE-23032
  • On the Timekeeper File Import Wizard, the filter on the wizard now returns the correct records.
    Tracking code: STE-23954
  • For LegalHold integrations, the Select all checkbox now works correctly in Internet Explorer on the Add New Hold dialog box.
    Tracking code: STE-23725
  • For LegalHold integrations, an ampersand in the hold name no longer causes the hold name to be truncated.
    Tracking code:  STE-23726
  • For LegalHold integrations, deleting an unsent hold in LegalHold now properly removes the hold from being viewed on the matter in eCounsel.
    Tracking code:  STE-23991
  • For New Matter Wizard it was failing when trying to create a matter after installing STE-23760 due to a validation removed.

    Tracking code: STE- 24214

  • For Search module the dispute tab was not showing up after installing STE-23760 due to a validation removed.

     Tracking code: STE- 24239

  • For Dynamic Filter on Matter/Player now it works when using the Entity_EID column.

    Tracking code: STE- 23981

  • Now Corridor Tasks have better logging which will help when any error happens in order to determine what was the cause.

    Tracking code: STE- 22133

  • For LegalHold integrations, when a synchronized person changes its email, either, on LegalHold or Suite, the synchronization will stop for that person.

    Tracking code: STE- 23717

  • Now there is no error when switching from Tools preferences to any module.

    Tracking code: STE- 23696


  • Searching for a document by date when an incorrect value is entered in the search criteria no longer displays a "page expired" error after selecting the Back link on the browser.
    Tracking code: STE-16296
  • When deleting an entity in Secretariat, if existing records have conflicts, more information has been added to identify the records that must be deleted prior to deleting the entity.
    Tracking code: STE-22737

Office Link

  • For the Office Link Outlook addin, the Matter Summary dialog box now displays the Matter Number when viewing a matter summary for a selected matter.
    Tracking code:  STE-23778
  • For the Office Link Outlook addin, the document can now be opened after renaming a document in Outlook.
    Tracking code: STE-23495
  • Office Link Outlook addin now shows the Invoice and Matter summaries with no blank page.

      Tracking code: STE-23935


  • Boxir4 now supports Open JDK11.

    Tracking code: STE- 19210


This service pack requires the previous installation of the following:

  • Suite. (Service Pack 13)

This service pack includes an update to the following:

  • Suite (Suite.
  • Suite Manager (SuiteManager.exe)
  • Boxir4(boxir4-Suite

One of the following scripts needs to be run against the database:

  • Suite.
  • Suite.

Optionally, one of the following scripts can be run against the database if you are using Document Vault:

  • Suite.
  • Suite.

Optionally, one of the following scripts can be run against the database if you are using SiteMinder:

  • Suite. SiteMinder Settings-Oracle
  • Suite. SiteMinder Settings-SQL

Optionally, one of the following scripts can be run against the database if you are using Bridgeway Email Link:

  • Suite. Bridgeway E-mail Link-Oracle
  • Suite. Bridgeway E-mail Link-SQL

Optionally, one of the following scripts can be run against the database if you are using Calendar Link:

  •  Suite.
  • Suite.

The following reports have been updated: 

  • Invoice Recap Report (i-net Oracle database only)

The following rules have been updated: 

  • Invoice Routing Rule
  • Null Expense Code (for Collaborati integrations)


Click on a link below to download a compressed file that can be used to access the necessary files used in the installation process.

Optionally, if you are using Document Vault, one of the following scripts can be run against the database:

Optionally, one of the following scripts can be run against the database if you are using SiteMinder:

Optionally, one of the following scripts can be run against the database if you are using Bridgeway Email Link:

Optionally, one of the following scripts can be run against the database if you are using Calendar Link:

The following reports can be imported to take advantage of issue resolutions:

The following rules can be imported to take advantage of issue resolutions:

Installation Instructions

Suite Installation Instructions

  1. Stop the Bridgeway Suite application on the Java application server.
  2. Use Update Manager to install the Suite. update. Update Manager will back up the following files: 
  • css\wizardreport.css
  • css\rulesadmin\rulesadmin.css
  • css\rulesadmin\img\ln.gif
  • css\rulesadmin\img\loading.gif
  • css\rulesadmin\img\tm_rc.gif
  • css\rulesadmin\img\tn.gif
  • css\rulesadmin\img\tp_rc.gif
  • css\rulesadmin\img\vline.gif
  • htm\spellcheck\xsc_server.jsp
  • javascript\accrualfileimportwizard.js
  • javascript\calendarview_include.js
  • javascript\darwin_globals.js
  • javascript\data_subtab.js
  • javascript\editpagemanager.js
  • javascript\listpagemanager.js
  • javascript\module_tab.js
  • javascript\rulesadministration_tree.js
  • javascript\searchmanager.js
  • javascript\selector.js
  • javascript\dhtml\bookmark\bookmark.js
  • javascript\ecounsel\matterdisputeview_include.js
  • jsp\webi\universelist.jsp
  • sampletemplates\sampleAccrualsSpreadsheet.csv
  • toplink\Matter\com.bsi.dataclasses.matter.MatterCalendar.descriptor
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bridgeway\suite\report\boxir4\data\BOUniverseInfo.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bridgeway\suite\report\boxir4\servlet\WebIntelligenceReportServlet.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bridgeway\utilities\URLConnectionHelper.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\attributes\
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\buslogic\invoice\AutoInvoiceApprovalUpdate.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\buslogic\invoice\AutoLoader$AllocationAutoLoad.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\buslogic\invoice\AutoLoader$ApproverAutoLoad.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\buslogic\invoice\AutoLoader.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\buslogic\invoice\collaborati\CollaboratiInvoiceMapper.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\buslogic\invoice\ledes\Importer.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\BaseCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\BaseCommand$Emailer.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\ListCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\ListCommand$ListPositioner.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\ListCommandViewProfile.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\RulesAdministrationPromptCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\ViewCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\accrual\AccrualImportCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\accrual\AccrualListCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\accrual\AccrualSaveCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\accrual\AccrualSelectCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\AccrualNotificationDisplayCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\AdminRedirectInitContent.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\CleanUserFieldsPreferencesForGrid.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\DownloadAccrualsSampleTemplate.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\GroupListCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\GroupSummaryCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\LogBrowserCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\RuleProfileListSuiteCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\RuleProfileSummaryAndAssociationsCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\RulesAdministrationListCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\ToolsCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\ToolsUserSummaryCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\UserListCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\admin\ViewProfileSummaryAndAssociationsCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\calendar\CalendarViewCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\document\UploadRulesConfigurationCheckCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\ecounsel\DownloadRedirectInitContent.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\ecounsel\PluginPrefsDisplayCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\ecounsel\UploadRedirectInitContent.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\matter\MatterProgressNotesViewCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\matter\MatterRedirectInitContent.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\matter\SummaryCommand.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\render\renderer\CSVRenderer.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\control\secretariat\UploadRedirectInitContent.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\dataclasses\bsicommon\LkupEntity.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\dataclasses\matter\Matter.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\dataclasses\matter\MatterAccrual.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\dataclasses\matter\MatterAccrualImport.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\dataclasses\matter\MatterAccrualImporter.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\dataclasses\matter\MatterAccrualImporterHelper.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\dataclasses\matter\MatterBudget.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\dataclasses\matter\MatterCalendar.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\dataclasses\matter\MatterHelper.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\dataclasses\matter\MatterLitigationJudge.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\dataclasses\peopleentity\CourtHelper.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\DeleteLogic.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\DeletionDependency.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\ListLogic.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\MetadataService.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\ModuleSearch.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\ViewLogic.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\AccrualCache.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\AccrualFileImport.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\AccrualFlatObject.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\AccrualListLogic.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\AccrualSaveLogic.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\AccrualSelectLogic.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\exception\BillingEntityNameNotFoundException.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\exception\BillingEntityNotFoundException.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\exception\CurrencyAccrualException.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\exception\EndPeriodException.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\exception\EntitySearchException.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\exception\IsAccrualNotFoundException.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\exception\MatterNotFoundException.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\exception\MatterSearchException.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\exception\MultipleMatterFoundException.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\exception\PrimaryVendorNotFoundException.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\accrual\exception\RequiredAccrualFieldException.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\admin\LookupCodeDelete.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\admin\ModuleList.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\admin\RulesAdministrationList.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\admin\SuiteSystemSettings.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\admin\TabList.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\calendar\CalendarList.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\calendar\CalendarUpdate.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\calendar\search\CalendarSearcher.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\document\DocumentFileUpdate.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\ecounsel\eCounselSystemSettings.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\entity\LkupEntityList.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\invoice\InvoiceApprovalList$1.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\invoice\InvoiceApprovalList.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\invoice\corridor\IBSI_SI_ServiceHttpBindingStub.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\invoice\corridor\IBSI_SI_ServicePortType.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\invoice\ebilling\GenericInvoiceImport.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\invoice\ebilling\InvoiceNotification.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\matter\LkupBudgetList.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\matter\MatterAccrualImporterList.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\matter\MatterDelete.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\matter\MatterList.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\matter\MatterNavigation.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\matter\MatterPlayerDelete.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\matter\MatterPlayerUpdate.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\matter\MatterRelatedDelete.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\matter\MatterUpdate.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\matter\MatterView.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\matter\search\ProgressNotesDocumentSearcher.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\peopleentity\CourtList.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\peopleentity\PersonUpdate.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\secretariat\entity\AlternateNameDelete.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\secretariat\entity\CompanyView.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\secretariat\entity\DBANameDelete.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\secretariat\entity\EntityDelete.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\secretariat\entity\FormerNameDelete.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\secretariat\entity\SecurityUtils.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\datalogic\userfield\UserFieldProfileUpdate.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\importexport\ecounsel\eCMapSupport.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\officelink\rest\v1\controller\InvoicesController.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\officelink\rest\v1\dao\FileData.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\officelink\rest\v1\dao\InvoiceData.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\officelink\rest\v1\dao\TaskData$1.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\officelink\rest\v1\dao\TaskData.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\officelink\rest\v1\service\InvoiceService.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\officelink\rest\v1\service\InvoiceServiceImpl.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\repository\BaseDataset$FindItem.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\repository\BaseDataset$LGSecurity.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\repository\BaseDataset$MruFilter.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\repository\BaseDataset.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\repository\matter\MatterPlayerDataset.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\repository\peopleentity\CourtDataset.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\repository\secretariat\jurisdiction\AgentDataset.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\scheduler\dataclasses\LookupCodesSynchronizationInfo.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\scheduler\task\AccrualNotificationTask.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\scheduler\task\BusinessObjectsReportTask$MyAdditionalHttpUrlSettings.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\scheduler\task\BusinessObjectsReportTask.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\scheduler\task\CorrCostManagementTask$1.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\scheduler\task\CorrCostManagementTask$InvoiceAttachment.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\scheduler\task\CorrCostManagementTask$ThisVendor.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\scheduler\task\CorrCostManagementTask.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\scheduler\task\CorrMattersForVendorsTask.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\scheduler\task\CorrVendorTimekeepers.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\servlets\AdminServlet.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\servlets\FileUploadServlet.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\servlets\ServletUtil.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\util\CollaboratiIntegrationUtils.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\util\DarUtil$1.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\util\DarUtil$DateTimeType.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\util\DarUtil$RetryConnectionException.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\util\DarUtil.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\util\DataClassParser.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\util\MultipartRequest.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\util\DocumentStorageSettings.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\util\SearchCondition.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\util\bsicommon\GenConstants.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\widgets\ecounsel\LHWidgetUtils.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\bsi\widgets\ecounsel\MLHIntegrationWidget.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\mitratech\legalhold\integration\CreateMitratechHold.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\mitratech\legalhold\integration\LegalHoldClientManagement.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\mitratech\legalhold\integration\LHCheckPlayersAssignment.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\com\mitratech\legalhold\integration\LHPlayerManagement.class
  • WEB-INF\classes\mappings\imap_accrual.xml
  • WEB-INF\lib\glassfish-corba-internal-api-4.2.4.jar
  • WEB-INF\lib\glassfish-corba-omgapi-4.2.4.jar
  • WEB-INF\lib\glassfish-corba-orb-4.2.4.jar
  • WEB-INF\lib\jaxb-api-2.3.0.jar
  • WEB-INF\lib\jaxb-core-2.3.0.jar
  • WEB-INF\lib\jaxb-runtime-2.3.0.jar
  • WEB-INF\lib\legalhold-rest-client.jar
  • WEB-INF\lib\pfl-basic-4.1.2.jar
  • WEB-INF\lib\pfl-tf-4.1.2.jar
  • xsl\bsicommon\accrualfileimportwizard_list.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\accrualfileimportwizard_results.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\accrualfileimportwizard_selection.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\accrualfileimportwizard_templates.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\accrual_notification_scheduler.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\appcommon.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\calendarlist.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\calendarview_appointment.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\calendarview_task.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\contacts_contactinfolist.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\edithold.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\edittemplates.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\errorpage.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\listtemplates.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\newhold.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\rulesadministration.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\timekeeperfileimportwizard_list.xsl
  • xsl\bsicommon\toolstemplates.xsl
  • xsl\invoice\myinvoiceapprovallist.xsl
  • xsl\invoice\invoicelist.xsl
  • xsl\invoice\matterinvoiceview.xsl
  • xsl\invoice\myinvoiceapprovallist.xsl
  • xsl\matter\matteraccruallist.xsl
  • xsl\matter\matterDetailGridList.xsl
  • xsl\matter\matterinsuranceclaimview.xsl
  • xsl\matter\matterlist.xsl
  • xsl\matter\matterlisttemplates.xsl
  • xsl\matter\mattersummary.xsl
  • xsl\peopleentity\companysummary.xsl
  • xsl\peopleentity\courtlist.xsl
  • xsl\peopleentity\courtsummary.xsl
  • xsl\peopleentity\peoplesummary.xsl
  • xsl\SecrEntity\companysummary.xsl
  • xsl\SecrEntity\companyview.xsl
  • xsl\SecrEntity\showdependencies.xsl
  • xsl\SecrEntity\wv_accesslevel.xsl
  • xsl\SecrPeople\peoplesummary.xsl
  • xsl\SecrPeople\showdependencies.xsl
  • xsl\widgets\ecounsel\mitratechlegalholdintegration.xsl
  1. Restart the Bridgeway Suite application on the Java application server.

Database Script Instructions

  1. Using your preferred database tool (SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle's RMAN utility, Oracle's export data pump utility, etc.), make a backup of your Suite database.
  2.  Login to your query tool as an administrative user.
  3.  Open the appropriate scripts .ZIP file for your database: 
    • for Oracle databases
    • for SQL databases
  4. Open the script and use search and replace option to replace the following.
    • Replace <LOGIN> with the login the application will use to access the database.
  5. Run the SQL script.

Suite Manager Installation Instructions

  1. Uninstall the current instance of Suite Manager.
  2. Extract the files from the Suite file.
  3. Start the installation program for Suite Manager located in the directory in which the Suite Manager.EXE file was extracted.
  4. Click Next on the Welcome screen.
  5. On the License Key screen, type the license key in the text box and click Next.
  6. On the Choose Destination Location screen, confirm that the Destination Folder is the desired directory location for the program files.
  7. On the Start Installation screen, click Next to begin the installation process.
  8. A progress screen will display. You can abort the installation at any time by clicking Cancel.
  9. On the Installation Complete screen, click Finish.

Boxir4 Installation Instructions

  1. Stop the Boxir4 application on the Java application server.
  2. Use Update Manager to install the boxir4-Suite. update. Update Manager will add the following files:
  • WEB-INF/lib/glassfish-corba-internal-api-4.2.4.jar
  • WEB-INF/lib/glassfish-corba-omgapi-4.2.4.jar
  • WEB-INF/lib/glassfish-corba-orb-4.2.4.jar
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