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Alternate Fees

Billing guidelines allow you to set maximum amounts that can be submitted by outside counsel or firms/vendors for payment. Crossing these thresholds flags the invoice for reviewer's consideration; threshold breaches do not automatically result in the invoice being rejected. If no LEDES code is selected, then the amounts apply to all items. If no maximum is set (the default remains zero) then the item is ignored.

To edit a firm or vendor's alternate fees, select Alternate Fees from the Firms & Vendors sidebar, then click the firm's or vendor's name.

Alternate Fees

  • Maximum amounts can be set per invoice, fiscal year, or by lifetime. Type a count (amount of products/hours for which the vendor is to be paid) and cost (price of product/activity) into the text fields.
  • Set a LEDES code by choosing a code from the drop-down list.
  • Use the radio box checked radio box to block the firm or vendor from use on the matter.

Click Save to confirm changes.

Set Limit

When changes have been saved, you can delete a guideline by clicking the firm's or vendor's name, and selecting the trash_can icon.

Set Alternate Fee Arrangement Details

  1. Go to the Firms & Vendors Active List.
  2. Click on the orange ring icon icon.
  3. Click the checkbox and enter the arrangement details in the text field.
  4. Click Update.

The orange ring icon icon will now look like green circle icon, but the amounts adjusted on the Alternate Fees screen remain the same.

Alternate Fee Arrangements in the Active List

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